Koala Kin Hands-Free Nursing Pouch Giveaway

In honor of A Mother’s Boutique‘s 20,000th online order, we are hosting a series of giveaways to share our favorite products with you, our wonderful customers!

Today, we’re giving away one Koala Kin Hands-Free Nursing Pouch.

The Koala Kin is not a typical baby carrier–this isn’t something you’d reach for to wear your . . . → Read More: Koala Kin Hands-Free Nursing Pouch Giveaway

Hands-Free Nursing For Moms

by Vivian Muehlen

When my second son was born, I was worried that I was going to have the same breastfeeding experience I had with my first son: mastitis, cracked nipples, poor latch, poor milk supply, strain on my arms, neck and shoulder, you name it, I had it. After 3 weeks of . . . → Read More: Hands-Free Nursing For Moms