Coping with Bottle Refusal

My second son never took a bottle. He just wouldn’t do it, and so for a year, I was never away from him for more than 2 hours. That was exhausting! Instead of going away to daycare while I worked part-time, he played with a sitter while I worked from our basement office and . . . → Read More: Coping with Bottle Refusal

Emotional Diapering

My wee babe is a pretty avid eater, which is super new to me because my five-year-old and two-year-old still don’t really eat food. They live on zest and vinegar, it seems. But the baby will chomp down entire bagels, whole servings of gefilte fish, any sort of meat you shred for him…he’s hungry!

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Experimenting with Baby-Led Weaning

My last baby turned six months old and couldn’t wait to eat some solid food. He’d been reaching for our foods, imitating us eating, and generally freaking out during meals because he wasn’t doing the same things as his brothers. But I resisted giving him foods–mostly because he wasn’t able to sit unassisted, but . . . → Read More: Experimenting with Baby-Led Weaning

Cloth Diapering and Introducing Solids

We cloth diaper three-quarters of the time here at Team Lev Headquarters. We launder the diapers ourselves and I must say, it’s been pretty lovely these past six months to not worry about the contents of the cloth diaper.

I never imagined that the sun really would bleach out stains. But it does!

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