Environmental Working Group – Tips to Green your Halloween

Dressing up and celebrating Halloween can be fun – especially for kids. It’s easy to make it a healthy holiday for your family and the environment. Just follow these simple steps to green your Halloween routine:

1. Pick play makeup carefully. Many children like to wear colorful cosmetics as part of their costumes. If . . . → Read More: Environmental Working Group – Tips to Green your Halloween

Sun Safety for Little Ones

By Beth Egan

Children are more vulnerable to sun damage than adults. The best sunscreen is a hat and shirt. After that, protect kids with a sunscreen that’s effective and safe. The Environmental Working Group suggests taking these special precautions with infants and children:

Infants Infants under 6 months should be kept out of . . . → Read More: Sun Safety for Little Ones

CNN’s Toxic America

Along the lines of my recent posts on pesticides and food and our lawns, I thought you might be interested in this year-long study which will be featured on CNN this week. Tune in and come back here to comment on what you thought of the program!

Wednesday and Thursday, June 2nd . . . → Read More: CNN’s Toxic America

Is Our Food Safe?

A good friend of mine, and frequent contributor to this blog, Beth Egan, sent me information yesterday about which foods contain high levels of pesticides and which don’t. I found this list astounding because some of our favorite foods were on the “avoid” list. My son eats a TON of strawberries and grapes and . . . → Read More: Is Our Food Safe?

Green Fridays

By Beth Egan

A lot of the joy of the holiday season comes from giving wonderful gifts to family, friends, and those we wish to thank. As “Black Friday” is behind us, we hope you will put some thought into making the remaining Friday’s in December – December 11 and 18 – into “Green . . . → Read More: Green Fridays

Three Steps to Better Health

by Beth Egan

As we approach the holiday season, keep these three simple steps in mind – your heart and your body will thank you!

1. Proper Nutrition: a diet of whole, organic foods is essential to good health. Plenty of foods rich in antioxidants, healthy beverages, nutritious, brightly colored vegetables, and a balance . . . → Read More: Three Steps to Better Health

Family Harmony – For A Healthy Body, Mind And Spirit

By Tracy Liebmann I believe the simple principles of family harmony are three fold, when you look at your family you must look at three key elements, body, mind, and spirit. A healthy family is like a healthy body, the system works together, almost effortlessly. The brain is functioning, the heart pumps, the . . . → Read More: Family Harmony – For A Healthy Body, Mind And Spirit