Coping with Colic: Tips for Mom

I spent my first months of motherhood pacing barefoot around my neighborhood, bleary with exhaustion. Does he have colic, people used to ask when my first son was born. It seemed like such an understatement. My baby cried all the time. Around the clock. Every minute of every day.

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Parenting Epiphanies

I’ve had several┬álife-changing epiphanies since becoming a parent. Is epiphany the right word? What happened was I observed other moms doing these things and then I copied these women and found out the strategy worked so well in my family, I had to implement it into my daily life.

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How the Windi Helped Poor Poppy

If you’ve ever held a screaming baby, you know there’s more going on there than just plain fussiness. Amanda Gaus’s second daughter, Poppy, was one of these babies. Poppy started out as a fussy infant and right around 8 weeks, she became a screamer. Poppy would scream and arch her back for 5 to . . . → Read More: How the Windi Helped Poor Poppy