Blogiversary Celebration – Straplettes – CLOSED

Most lactation consultants recommend that you begin each feeding on the opposite breast that you began the last feeding on. Why? Well – for a variety of reasons, but most importantly, to keep your supply regulated. Your baby nurses stronger and harder when first put on your breast. So the first side, gets “a . . . → Read More: Blogiversary Celebration – Straplettes – CLOSED

Blogiversary Celebration – Slimpressions – CLOSED

I was first introduced to Slimpressions as a company when I entered a contest on Twitter and WON! I was so excited! I never win anything, so when I won shapewear – I was super-excited to get something to help me look great underneath all of my more fitted garments. As my prize, Slimpressions . . . → Read More: Blogiversary Celebration – Slimpressions – CLOSED

Blogiversary Celebration – Sassybax – CLOSED

Sassybax is a company that prides itself on innovative bras! And boy are they ever! You know those “rolls” that you get across your back from where your bra “cuts” into you? Well, Sassybax was founded on the premise that women shouldn’t have to have those unsightly rolls. All of the Sassybax bras and . . . → Read More: Blogiversary Celebration – Sassybax – CLOSED

Blogiversary Celebration – Rockstarmoms – CLOSED

If you haven’t heard of Rockstarmoms, then you don’t know what you are missing!! They are a fabulous company and they make items for ROCKIN’ moms and moms-to-be. Their styles are for hip moms who don’t want to wear your regular run-of-the-mill maternity clothes – but instead want to have as much fun while . . . → Read More: Blogiversary Celebration – Rockstarmoms – CLOSED

Product Review & Giveaway: The Golden Pickle – CLOSED

As part of my blogiversary celebration, Judy Kirby, author of The Golden Pickle, sent me her CD to review (and giveaway!!). Her company makes an audio CD for children called “The Golden Pickle” and it is full of stories that she told to her own children when they were young.

I’ll be honest, when . . . → Read More: Product Review & Giveaway: The Golden Pickle – CLOSED

Blogiversary Celebration – Pumpin’ Pal – CLOSED

We seem to be on a breast-pumping theme here in my blogiversary this week! Today’s post is about a GREAT company called Pumpin’ Pal! If you are not familiar with Pumpin’ Pal, you can see the features that we did on them a few months ago here and here. Pumpin’ Pal is a company . . . → Read More: Blogiversary Celebration – Pumpin’ Pal – CLOSED

Blogiversary Celebration – Pump Ease Hands Free Pumping Support – CLOSED

Pump Ease is a company who has taken the BORING out of breast pumping! They manufacture (in Canada!) beautiful, colorful, super spectacular hands-free pumping supports for moms who are pumping. If you have pumped even once, you know what a pain in the “you know where” it can be to hold the breastpump flanges . . . → Read More: Blogiversary Celebration – Pump Ease Hands Free Pumping Support – CLOSED