Gymnurstics. My friend taught me this term. It refers to nursing a wiggling baby or a toddler, or nursing both of these at once. Or, in my most recent struggle, nursing a wriggling baby and trying to simultaneously pump my opposite breast.

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This Week in Celebrity Breastfeeding…

Earlier this week, GiseleĀ Bundchen instagrammed a picture of herself nursing her baby while a team of helpers styled her hair, her nails, and applied her makeup. She tagged the picture as “multitasking” and “gettingready.”Ā 

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Working & Sleeping Through The Night

You’re a new mom, you’ve lost a lot of sleep, but your baby has finally started sleeping through the night (or at least a good portion of the night) and you are THRILLED! Then it comes time for your maternity leave to end and you head back to work. All of a sudden, your . . . → Read More: Working & Sleeping Through The Night