Experimenting with Baby-Led Weaning

My last baby turned six months old and couldn’t wait to eat some solid food. He’d been reaching for our foods, imitating us eating, and generally freaking out during meals because he wasn’t doing the same things as his brothers. But I resisted giving him foods–mostly because he wasn’t able to sit unassisted, but . . . → Read More: Experimenting with Baby-Led Weaning

Keeping a Crawler Safe from Big Brothers

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My older two boys have become accustomed to trashing our house by now. I’m either changing, nursing, or napping the baby and haven’t been very present to intervene, you see. Every surface is sprinkled with coins, Lego bricks, pebbles, and shredded bits of paper they use with their toy construction vehicles.

. . . → Read More: Keeping a Crawler Safe from Big Brothers

Adventures in Solids

My baby is trucking right along in his solid food experiments. He snarfs down meatballs and fish, Cheerios and freeze-dried veggie discs. We’re trying as much as possible to practice baby-led weaning, which at our house means we toss cubes of food on his tray and mostly ignore him while we finish preparing food, . . . → Read More: Adventures in Solids