Supporting Breastfeeding at Family Functions

I’ve breastfed babies in lots of public places. I’ve nursed my boys everywhere from a boat in Belize to a bench at the zoo. I often expect to get the stink-eye. Sometimes I sort of dare someone to say something negative to me so I can advocate for mothers’ rights. But I’ve never, ever been hassled for nursing in public.breastfeeding sign

The only time I’ve ever gotten some flack has been at a family function. I think this is true for a lot of women–their families are the harshest critics of their nursing relationship.

We were so excited to hear from Pittsburgh mom Mel, who shared this great sign her aunt displayed in her driveway at Thanksgiving. Both Mel and another relative had very young babies, and the hosts wanted to make sure these new moms got the prime parking spots to avoid lugging babies and gear up the block.

Mel says the hosts made a point to show the new moms their library/office as a quiet place “if any of the babies needed to be away from all the noise and distraction downstairs. They had a comfy chair and a place to do diaper changes, too!”

Mel says her family boasts a lot of elementary teachers, which she thinks helps the extended family be more welcoming to young babies and “more accepting of differences in parenting.”

How great to feel so supported by extended family!

Has your extended family supported your breastfeeding journey? Leave us a comment to share your story!

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