Suggestions For Starting a Breastfeeding Support Bag Project

Our guest post last week on Breastfeeding Support Bags at Hospitals was SOOOOO popular and inspired so many moms to get something started in their own areas! It is amazing! So I asked Amanda Mack, the author of the post and founder of the Laramie Breastfeeding Bag Project to write up a list of tips for other moms so that we can start getting the ball rolling in other towns and cities around the country (and perhaps around the world!). Below is a list to help you get started. If you email Amanda directly, she will also send you the contact names of the people with whom she is in contact with for her bags – so that you can save some time on researching all of that information yourself!

Suggestions for starting a breastfeeding support bag project in your area:

By Amanda Mack
1. Contact business and organizations that you know are pro-breastfeeding. I started by looking through the ads in Mothering magazine because these are typically businesses that support breastfeeding and natural family living. I also contacted business that I had purchased products from and loved. I explained what I wanted to do and asked them for any donations they might have- samples, brochures, coupons, handouts, etc. I made a huge list of possible contacts and e-mailed them.

Breastfeeding Support Bags

2. Contact businesses/organizations in your local area to ask for donations- bags, folders, supplies, copies, etc. We began by using reusuable bags from local stores because they were donated. Our budget was zero dollars and our goal was to have all information in the bags relate directly to breastfeeding and natural family living. We made sure that all donations reflected our goals and reserved the right to not include things that didn’t adhere to that goal.

3. Once you decide the bag has a variety of necessary information and goodies, it is time to assemble a sample bag!

4. Contact your local hospital– see if there is a lactation consultant or coordinator that you could meet with. Explain the project and show the bag. Suggest that the bags are given out when the mom is discharged from the hospital. Our hospital also had to approve the bags before we began giving them out.

5. Find out how many births there are per month at your hospital and assemble bags accordingly. We typically try to fill two months at one time. So here at our local hospital, we have 30-40 births per month, so we try to fill 50-60 or so bags each time. We then have some time in between to contact those companies again to ask for a “refill” on donations. That way when it comes time again to fill them, our supplies are all stocked and ready to go.

If you have any questions
or you need further information,
please feel free to contact Amanda:

Amanda Mack
Laramie Breastfeeding Bag Project

Amanda is one mom who made a difference! You can make a difference too! Please leave a comment telling us if you are planning to do something similar in your local area. And when you do get them started up – please come back after and let us know that too!!

Our, boutique, A Mother’s Boutique is a proud supporter of the Laramie Breastfeeding Bag Project!

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