Stocking Stuffers for Baby?

When my first son was a baby, I really didn’t buy him much for Christmas. I mean, he was a baby, and he got a river of gifts from his relatives…

By the time I had more kids, my older kids grew very concerned that their younger brothers should have gifts to open, too. I tend to buy more practical things for my babies and toddlers, especially since they are most interested in playing with bags and boxes rather than toys.

If you’re looking for some small gifts for the baby or toddler in your life, look no further: we’ve got a few great options, and many of them secretly double as a gift for mom!Gemstones teething necklace

I love these Gemstones teething necklaces, because I think they’re pretty for me to wear, and they give my baby something to play with while he’s nursing (apart from my lips and teeth). When he’s not nursing, he chomps down on the soft silicone and seems to love it.

Along the same lines, these Jellystone bangles seem like a gift for baby (they’re great for teething or fiddling), but really double as a gift for mom, because I’m the one who gets to wear them.

We also sell Baltic Amber necklaces for baby to wear. These are NOT for chewing, but are meant to help alleviate pain related to teething. I blogged before about how I’m not sure whether they worked for my boys, but they just look so cool I really like wearing the necklaces on my kids.

Now, if you’re going to give a baby a practical gift, you can’t do much better than a NoseFrida. It’s about to be winter, and your baby is probably going to spend the next three months with a cold. There isn’t much worse than a congested baby crying because he can’t nurse. These work so much better than the blue squeeze ball thing. I hope you’ll give it a try–I’m a convert!

One Creative Mama baby t-shirtAnd of course, we’ve got a line of breastfeeding advocacy shirts for babies. Our organic cotton, Fair-Trade Certified baby body suits, traditional Gerber Onesies and 100% cotton baby shirts, bibs and rompers feature adorable slogans that help spread awareness about nursing. My favorite is “Mama drinks coffee so that I can have a latte.” Which one do you like?

I need to mention that I received an employee discount to purchase some of the items I wrote about in this post, but lucky for you a lot of these items are on sale this month!

Do you buy small gifts for your babies/toddlers at holidays? Leave us a comment to share your favorite ideas.

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