Solving Bra Strap Pain

When we become mothers, many things happen to our bodies. They change in ways that we never imagined. One of the biggest changes is often in the size and weight of our breasts. Breasts that are full of milk, even if they haven’t gotten a lot bigger, have often become much heavier. Many moms find that they need to really tighten up their bra straps to support their new size and body changes. This can often lead to sore shoulders.

If your breasts have grown quite a bit from their pre-pregnancy size, then this pain can be exacerbated even further. Well I’d like to introduce you to a little slice of heaven for any mom with sore shoulders.

Strapees™ – they are simple silicone pads that you put on your shoulders underneath your bra straps. They serve two purposes – 1) They keep your bra straps in place and prevent them from sliding down your shoulders and 2) They “spread the weight” of your bra strap across your shoulder and prevent it from digging in.

Have you worn a bra strap pad? Try out our Strapees today! (hint….they’re not only for breastfeeding moms – anyone can wear these little miracle pads)

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