Skinies Nursing Cami – A Must Have For All Nursing Moms!!

Invented by a mother who breastfed all of her six children, Skinies meets the needs of the nursing woman in a way no other cami on the market does! You may be wondering “just what makes this cami unique from the others?”Skinies

Designer Jodie Adamson explains “I tried most of the other breastfeeding camis out there and quite frankly I just didn’t like them. The ones with slits would bunch up under my shirt. I would look down sometimes and see an extra lump. Not cute! Not only did the ones with a shelf bra create a uni-boob look (ugh!), but some would not accommodate my gigantic human bottles! I loved my nursing bra, and there are so many beautiful ones available now that I was not looking for a cami with a bra built in.”

This mother was simply looking for something to keep her covered when she opened or lifted her shirt to nurse. An added benefit was if it helped hold in that post-baby belly and fit sort of like a body-shaper. The simpler the design the better. The plan was to wear this garment under her clothes and convert any of her favorite tops into a nursing top. She scoured the earth (from the convenience of her pc) and didn’t find a cami that fit the bill.

Doing what comes natural to mommies, she made her own!

Skinies solves all these issues with one beautiful garment.

Nursing With SkiniesMade with high quality fabric, it stretches yet holds it’s shape all day. The openings are designed with special stitching to fit just right over the breast. It is snug enough to give just the right amount of tummy support and still be perfectly comfortable. Skinies is light enough to wear under a bra and cut just right to hide under a tank top. The “open cup” design makes nursing a cinch. Not to mention, it sure is adorable!

How would you like to try one out?? Well today is your lucky day!! We are giving away TWO SKINIES Open Cup Nursing Camis!!

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This contest ends at 5 PM on 5/31/09. Winners must be located in the US or Canada. You can enter if you live outside of the US or Canada, but you will have to pay for the shipping to receive your free cami.

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