Trying to Wear a “Regular” Dress for Nursing?

Ever been invited to a wedding or a fancy party and tried to see if one of your “regular” dresses might fit the bill for nursing your baby (or pumping if you leave baby at home)?woman in dress

We’ve heard tales of women agonizing over every v-neck dress on a retro fashion website, seeking out customized necklines on dresses they love from their favorite clothing lines.

Between the lovely cotton fabrics that don’t give and the lovely necklines that are otherwise fantastic, most standard dresses just don’t work very well if you’re trying to accommodate nursing.

Even if you find a v-neck with some give, pulling a breast up and over the top for hours could leave the dress gaping open or even damage the fabric.

Why not buy a dress designed for nursing? Nursing dresses come in flattering cuts, great patterns, and are often made from flowing material that won’t cling to your postpartum body.

Our favorite is this cowl-neck dress that ties at one side. This dress  flatters all figures, won’t wrinkle if you pack it, and the cowl neck material works great at entertaining a fidgety baby who would otherwise tug at your necklace.

If a cowl isn’t flattering for you, we’ve got a wide range of options for casual or formal functions.

Why force a dress to do something it won’t when you could enjoy a dress designed to help you feed your baby?

Have you tried one of our nursing dresses? Leave us a comment to share your favorites!

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