Pregnancy Tips: Couch Parenting Games to Conserve Mama’s Energy

I have really zesty sons. By the time I was pregnant with my third zesty son, I was simultaneously exhausted and filled with good ideas to help occupy them while I got to stay put on the couch. A lot of these are also good for occupying an energetic older sibling while Mama nurses a baby!black couch

Here are some of my favorite things to do with my sons while I’m reclining:

Pool Noodle Sword Fight
Because I have zesty sons, I don’t really have many breakable things about my house. You might want to move beloved glass figurines or what have you before attempting this! Basically, I sit on the couch with a pool noodle, my sons each have a pool noodle, and I block their swats.

“Touch That”
For this game, I sit on the couch and yell “touch the front door and then come back.” When the boys are back, I yell, “Now touch the back door! Now touch the front window! Now touch the refrigerator!” And on and on and on until they are giggling and breathless.

Treasure Hunt
We make believe the boys are explorers and I am the museum curator. I tell them how badly I need a brown sock or a book about dinosaurs. Many times, the kids get distracted and just wind up playing something else peacefully while they’re off searching for a marble. Sometimes, though, this one backfires and they wind up getting into mischief while they’re in the other room!

Reading Books
This one is sort of obvious, but it’s super relaxing to lie back with however many kiddos and read a nice book. I’m re-remembering how the Fletcher books by Julia Rawlinson are just so magical each season.

Have you found any great activities you can do from the couch to entertain big siblings while mama needs a recharge? Leave us a comment to share your ideas!

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