Pittsburgh IBCLC Named “Pediatric Hero”

Dr. Nancy Brent, MD, IBCLC, pediatric hero

Our city is so lucky to have a Breastfeeding Center where moms can go to meet with both a lactation consultant and a pediatrician (who is also an IBCLC) to discuss questions, problems, successes, goals…anything related to breastfeeding. It’s a truly wonderful medical establishment. I’ve been there with both my babies. Sometimes, I consider making an appointment just to sit in the armchair for an hour and a half while I nurse in quiet and have cold water delivered to me.

I had challenges nursing my first son, and I’m so glad I learned about the Breastfeeding Center. I first utilized their free telephone support and then made appointments where, for however long it took my son to nurse, I had the undivided attention of the IBCLC and the pediatrician.

Recently, the medical director of the center, Nancy Brent, made headlines for this work. At the American Academy of Pediatrics National Conference & Exhibition, Dr. Brent was named one of Baby Talk magazine’s seven national Pediatric Heroes for her work in promoting and supporting breastfeeding, and in training physicians to do the same.

According to the article, “Research has shown that most docs don’t feel they have time to address breastfeeding issues. Dr. Brent’s nationally recognized approach brings hard-to-find lactation expertise directly to the moms who need it.”

I had the good fortune of meeting with Dr. Brent at one of my appointments with my first son. I sure did feel supported. We worked out a plan that made sure my son received adequate nutrition AND met my goal to continue breastfeeding. Our plan worked out pretty well–he nursed until he was 27 months old.

How awesome to see this doctor receive national recognition for her work!

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