Oh My God They’re Huge!

This might be something you’re saying to yourself as you progress through your pregnancy and start breastfeeding. Most women will gain 1-2 cup sizes in their breasts from the time they get pregnant to the time to they begin breastfeeding. When the cup size gain comes is different for everyone. I personally went up 3 cup sizes while I was pregnant (from a DD to a G), but didn’t change at all when my milk came in. Other women don’t change much while they are pregnant, but may increase 1 or 2 cup sizes when their milk comes in.

If you are a B-DD/E cup, then you won’t have any difficulties finding a great nursing bra. There are even quite a few styles to choose from for F-cup gals. But once you get BEYOND the F-cup, the selection of bras goes WAY DOWN. I personally didn’t even know bras came in a G-cup until I needed to buy one. I had to wear the most uncomfortable bras throughout my pregnancy and nursing days because I couldn’t find on that actually fit me properly.

Sublime Nursing BraWell, have I got knews for you! Bravado! Designs has come out with a BRAND-NEW nursing bra (which I reviewed during my Blogiversary Celebration) called the Sublime Nursing Bra – and boy is it ever!!

There are THREE things that I love about this bra.
1) It is pretty
2) It gives great SUPPORT and SEPARATION
3) It comes in cup sizes from B to K – yes, that’s right – K!!

So now, all of you mamas who are in the “larger than an F-cup” category have some choice – a beautiful bra, with great support at a very reasonable price! What more can a well-endowed mama ask for??

**Disclaimer – I was not compensated in any way for this review – I wrote it to express my gratitude for a nursing bra that is beautiful, functional and comes in large cup sizes.

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