Official Blog Launch With Prizes To Be Won

It’s official, A Mother’s Boutique has launched its very own blog. Mommy News Blog is all about sharing our breastfeeding, maternity, and parenting news and views with moms on the go. Even though we are in our first weeks of birth we still have some great content of tips, advice, and even some information about new products over at our sister site- A Mother’s Boutique.

So would you love a chance to win a $50 Gift Certificate to A Mother’s Boutique? How about five chances to win? Yes, that’s right over the next five weeks in the spirit of the holidays and to celebrate our new blog we are giving away five gift certificates to our boutique store. There will be a new winner drawn every week see below for the dates.

Ways To Enter For A $50 Gift Certificate

    Leave 3 comments anywhere on this blog– Comments need to be more than just “That’s Great” or “I Agree” (and your updates telling us what you have done to qualify for the contest do not count toward the required three comments to enter the contest)
    Blog About Us – love one of our articles or even this contest? Don’t forget to post a comment here linking us to the post
    Tweet Tweet– After you ‘follow us’ tweet about any post including this contest and of course don’t forget to post here letting us know you did so
    Facebook – let your facebook friends know all about this contest and the great tips we have to offer. You can even become a fan! Don’t forget to leave us a comment here telling us that you sent a message to your facebook friends and/or became a fan of our boutique
    Spread the News – feel free to add us to your blogroll or even add a button link to your sidebar or links page. Don’t have a website or blog? That’s okay email your friends and just CC us [] on the email. We will NOT contact your friends or add them to any lists

Whew- That is a lot of ways to enter! Don’t forget to leave comments on this post letting us know you completed these different tasks. Of course you can complete the tasks more then once using different content over the next five weeks to increase your chances at winning one of the weekly gift certificates! Keep in mind you can only win once.

1st Weekly drawing is December 7th – WINNER is Amy Thompson – Congrats Amy!
2nd Weekly Drawing December 12 – WINNER is Tiffany (Life on the Road: Home Business, Homeschool and Cats!) – Congrats Tiffany!

3rd Weekly Drawing December 19th – WINNER is Ruth N. – Congrats Ruth!
4th Weekly Drawing December 26th – WINNER is Jennifer (my life with four kids) – Congrats Jennifer!
5th Weekly Drawing January 4th – WINNER is Kristin B. – Congrats Kristin!

74 comments to Official Blog Launch With Prizes To Be Won

  • khefira

    Thanks for this great blog, I am always happy to be able to share more resources with the many new moms in my community that are breastfeeding and seeking knowledge about healthy parenting. It’s great to be able to direct then to a place where they can hear the range of peoples experiences and share and get feedback. My own 8 month old daughter just recently began being interested in solids, i introduced them a month or so ago, but she was too happy to just nurse! anyway thanks again.. I don’t have my own blog site but I emailed a bunch of moms, i think some have become facebook fans already!

  • Mommy News

    Thanks for your feedback Khefira! You have been entered into the contest. The next drawing is on Friday, so be sure to tell all of your mommy friends to sign up too! — Judy

  • Kristin

    Thanks again for such a great site, I’ve posted in a few articles and become a fan on FB as well. Such a wonderful tool for all of us that can feel so alone in those wee hours of the night with just a little one clinging to us.

  • Mommy News

    Thanks for all of your comments Kristin! and for becoming a fan on our facebook page. Please tell your friends to visit us too so that they can enter the contest. Come back often, we post at least 2 articles per week and sometimes 4 or 5!! — Judy

  • Tina Shang

    I tweeted and Facebooked ya.

  • Beth

    I became a fan on facebook:) Thanks for this site.

  • Ruth N.

    Judy, I wanted to let you know that I wrote a note about your blog on my Facebook page, and posted it on my wall.:-) Trying to get out the news (and maybe get some $$ for some new bras!)
    Keep up the great work! I am all about great customer service!

  • Rebecca

    I left comments on your Extreme Breastfeeding, Nursing moms and H2O and MOPS posts.

  • Rebecca

    Twittered about your giveaway.
    I am following you, username- beccaj73

  • Judy, can you tell me if we have to re-enter each week or if, once we’ve left our comments and stuff to enter, we’re entered in all of the drawings?

  • Mommy News

    Hi Strawberry,
    Once you have entered, you are in the contest for the duration. You CAN visit each week leave more comments and tweet about the contest for ADDITIONAL chances to win, but you don’t have to. Your original entry is still in the drawing each week. Thanks for entering and please visit us often! — Judy

  • very nice blog, I ended up leaving 4 comments :)

  • I am followig on twitter and I re-tweeted about this contest. As I was admiring your blog, I found an article on the topic of breastfeeding in public. This is my area and I am working on solutions to this issue. I have linked you to my blog as well as joined your group on Facebook.

    that uncomfortable feeling that some get with nursing in public. There is no need to nurse in a dressing room or the dreaded public restroom.

    When out and about a nursing cover allows you to nurse in public without anyone even noticing what is going on under there. Most people will just assume you have a sleeping baby under the cover. You can even walk around like this without the fear of suddenly being exposed. Unlike a blanket, the nursing cover is there securely around your neck and will not fall off.

    There is a nursing cover that will suit anyone’s style and personality. What to do with the nursing cover while you are not nursing? Drap it over a carseat or stroller as an added cover from wind and sun.

  • I am now a twitter follower. Tweeted just now
    Glad to see a new breastfeeding blog. I’m currently feeding my second child. He can be a little stinker sometimes when it comes to eating.

  • commenting on some great posts! also twittering!

  • I just retweeted your contest on twitter.. and followed you on twitter. I’m @littlebytesnews This looks like a great resource for nursing moms…which I am…my youngest is 20mos and I still haven’t managed to get him to stop feeding at night,mornings and nap times unless my husband takes him and I hide in another room LOL

  • Mommy News

    Thanks for visiting us Patty! Browse around for more chances to win. We have two more gift certificates to choose – one this Friday and one in January.

  • Christine R

    my sister is a fan on facebook and told me about thissite, I am also now a facebook fan!

  • Mommy News

    Hello everyone – we changed the date for our last drawing from January 2 to January 4, so you have a few more days for qualifying activities. Don’t forget, you can re-enter every week by visiting our blog and leaving 3 or more comments and by tweeting and telling your friends about us. Our final $50 gift certificate will be given away on January 4, 2009. Have a wonderful New Year!! — Judy

  • I tweeted ya!


  • Dinorah Martinez

    I am a facebook fan and I’ve left comments on the blog :)

  • michelle_mg

    Hello to all the mommies. I wanted to share that we’ve been nursing for 31 months today. Ohh, Yeah so proud! Plus I became a fan in facebook.

  • Mommy News

    Congrats on nursing for so long Michelle! Welcome to our blog and please take a look around. If you send me your facebook profile, I can confirm that you became a fan there for your contest entry. — Judy

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