Nursing Top Styles: Pull Down With Under Layer


The pull down nursing top is probably one of my personal favorite types of nursing opening styles. You may even be doing the ‘pull down’ with a loose fitting top that you already have. So what is so great about a pull down nursing top? It’s simple you just pull down the side you need to nurse from. The wonderful part about a under layer is that there is a extra piece of fabric left after you have exposed the opening that will cover the top of your breast. This allows for more comfort and discretion for those hesitant about nursing in public.

2 comments to Nursing Top Styles: Pull Down With Under Layer

  • Ruth N.

    This is one of my favorite openings, also. I have breastfed my daughter quite openly without a single female in the room even realizing it, let alone any males realizing it.:-) Not to mention, this wrap-type style is quite flattering.

  • Mommy News

    Yes, I was nursing my son in a top like this at Christmas when he was 5 months old and my aunt sitting next to me on the sofa didn’t even realize what I was doing!

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