How Do I Nurse In Public Discreetly?

You’re out with your family eating dinner in a restaurant, when suddenly your baby decides he is hungry too! You’re a bit uncomfortable nursing in public, but really there is no need to panic!

Nursing covers can prevent that uncomfortable feeling that some get with nursing in public. There is no need to nurse in a dressing room or the dreaded public restroom.

When out and about a nursing cover allows you to nurse in public without anyone even noticing what is going on under there.  Most people will just assume you have a sleeping baby under the cover. You can even walk around like this without the fear of suddenly being exposed.  Unlike a blanket, the nursing cover is there securely around your neck and will not fall off.

There is a nursing cover that will suit anyone’s style and personality.  What to do with the nursing cover while you are not nursing? Drap it over a carseat or stroller as an added cover from wind and sun.

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  • Everyone is different, though… Somehow I’ve just always felt even more conspicuous when I tried to cover up. If I’m just holding the baby, she/he might jut be sleeping in my lap, for all they know. With a cover, I feel like I’m shouting “Hey, look at me hiding something over here!” Besides, some kids won’t tolerate a blanket over their head while they eat (would you?). :)

  • Mommy News

    I hear you Tiffany! Lots of moms are nervous about breastfeeding in public, and I would rather have them cover up and feel comfortable than not do it at all. For me personally, I covered up to cover my belly that was hanging out, not to cover the breastfeeding. And I didn’t really care of anyone got a glimpse of my breast, I just didn’t want my post-partum tummy rolls hanging out! — Judy

  • Emily Carlton

    This used to be a huge worry for me – I’ve let go of it finally – it is so liberating to not be worried about NIP any longer.

    I absoluely LOVE your site – I’m checking it regularily.

    This is a wonderful thing you are doing!!!

  • I found a good combination that worked for me: I wear a stretchy tank top under my shirt (which is especially nice when it’s cold like it is at the moment). When it’s time to nurse, I pull my shirt up and then the tank top down, so the only skin that’s showing is the breast itself — and that baby covers that quite nicely. The tank top covers my back, my belly, and my oh-so-lovely love-handles.
    And then, just because I really do like to be discreet, I always cover with a pashmina. I find that to be the perfect cover-up, because they’re huge, and they go all the way around the neck, so they cover both sides and are really hard for the baby to pull off and chuck on the floor. I can make a kind of tent with it going all the way round both sides of the baby — nothing shows at all. And then, of course, a pashmina always looks really good as well. Bingo!

  • I tell the young girls that I teach prenatal breastfeeding classes to that they should “practice” breastfeeding at home in front of a mirror. That way they can see what everyone else sees and they will feel more comfortable about NIP because they will realize how discreet they can be.


  • Kristin

    Amy what a wonderful suggestion! I will keep that in mind when chatting with new mommies.
    Personally I’ve never been shy about nursing in public until recently, now that my son is old enough to climb up on my lap and pull my breast out for himself! How embarassing to be sitting in a public place and have my 20 month old lift my shirt up or pull it down or completely unbutton it. My kids were never ones to allow a blanket over their heads and I have always enjoyed looking at their faces while they nurse but I’m so glad to see there are numerous options for those that want the extra descretion.

  • I ended up not attending a Dan Zanes concert with my family over the summer because I was worried about trying to feed the little guy while there. I checked into the building and there was really not very many private places to feed. I don’t know if he would have nursed anyway with the all noise, but it is sad that I didn’t feel comfortable enough to try. Thanks for the suggestions.

  • Mommy News

    Hi Janelle, thanks for leaving your comment. I think there are a lot of moms who feel the same way that you do. That is why the nursing clothing and covers are such great items! They allow you to feed your baby without feeling exposed. My son nursed every hour when he was little, so if I literally nursed in public EVERYWHERE. I wore nursing clothing to help me feel “covered”. Since he nursed so often, if I hadn’t nursed in public, I wouldn’t have been able to go anywhere. I think it takes time to get used to it, but once you nurse in public a few times, you will realize that most people don’t even notice what you are doing – and eventually, you feel very comfortable doing it! — Judy

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