Night of Joy Fundraiser: Combatting Postpartum Depression

We’ve been writing about postpartum mood disorders, speaking with local mothers and care providers as well as discussing national resources. Unfortunately, one local family was unable to find support through postpartum depression. Alexis Joy D’Achille

Pittsburgh mom Alexis D’Achille gave birth to her child in August 2013 and suffered from severe postpartum depression. She sought help, but was ultimately unable to find the relief she needed. Unable to cope with this unbearable disorder, she took her own life in October, just 6 weeks after her daughter’s birth.

Her loved ones have created a foundation, The Alexis Joy Foundation, in hopes of raising attention for PPD and creating more comprehensive support in the Pittsburgh area and beyond. They plan to use her story to make a difference, so that no other woman feels alone or gets turned away from desperately-needed services. So that no other family has to struggle to carry on.

The foundation is hosting a gala on April 18 in honor of Alexis’s birthday. If you would be interested in contributing toward the gala or foundation, they are accepting tax-deductible donations via their website

According to the foundation, “The way Alexis died was not the way she lived. She had a doting husband, a beautiful daughter, gorgeous home, great family and friends, and a fulfilling career … That’s why her passing was so tragic and unexpected. If she could feel that lost and alone, any woman can.”

Postpartum mood disorders affect entire families. The foundation is currently raising money to support research efforts at Magee-Women’s Behavioral Health Services and the Research Institute and Foundation.

All of us can benefit from expanded services and programs for new mothers and we hope for breakthroughs to be made in postpartum research.

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