Myth-Busters Family Version!

By Tracy Liebmann

Most of us know and love the wonderful MythBusters series on Discovery Channel; well today I want to BUST some of the most common myths that surround family life and personal development! We often have long lasting thoughts about life that just are not *really* true! In this article I will do my part to help you bust those personal myths that hold you back from having Your Best Life! So let’s get started!

Myth’s about Happiness:

Myth #1 – I’ll be happy when I lose 20 (30,40,50) pounds.

How many of us have thoughts this, just to go ahead and torture ourselves by not eating the foods we love, lose the weight and be happy for just a little while. Yet after we get used to being our new slimmer selves, we realize nothing has *really* changed and we seem to have all the challenges we always had…including worrying about our weight! So in reality losing weight did not actually bring us the happiness we were looking for!

Myth #2 – I’ll be happy after my house gets cleaned up.

So you’ve had it! You’re sick and tired of the mess and you get cracking…and you clean your house! Ahhhh…what a great feeling a clean house is…for sure! Yet did it really bring happiness? Well yes, it does bring happiness for a short while. Possibly even shorter than the weight lose brought due to your hubby and 3 kids messing the whole place up…LOL! You realize it does feel better to have a clean house and it does add to your happiness factor, yet it is not a lasting happiness.

Myth #3 – I’ll be happy when I move to a different area/state or into a larger house.

Oh boy, this is one I used to believe 10 to 15 years ago…guess what I found out? Where ever I went…there I was! Meaning, happiness is an inside job! We can truly be happy from the inside out…not from the outside in. For me I had a lot of self awareness, self acceptance, personal development action I needed to take…before I could truly be happy regardless of my weight, mess, town or house I was in.

Myth’s about Parenting:

Myth #4 – Kids are going to be “bad” and misbehave if I/we don’t “teach” them how to behave!

Kids are not inherently bad…just the opposite is true! They are inherently GOOD! Yes, of course we have more experience in life that we can share with our kids to help guide them. Yet truly the best thing we can do for our kids is BE THERE for them, be there to help them, be there to guide them when they need us. The best way to teach out kids how to be and act responsible, respectful, kind, and loving is to model that behavior. Treat your children kindly, loving, respectful & responsibly; they will “learn” that is the way to act toward others.

Myth #5 I was spanked and disciplined as a child and I didn’t turn out so bad.

Well, I’m sure if you are reading this Transforming Family blog post on Mommy News & Views Blog you are probably right…you did not turn out so bad…lol! Yet, if you look deeply, was your relationship with your parents damaged by being harshly disciplined by them. Do you find yourself harshly disciplining your children; then feeling badly wishing you had better parenting skills?

Myths about Marriage & Family:

Myth #6 – Happily Ever After. Things should be easier than this.

The truth about relationships is there is a certain amount of “work” that goes into them. So the idea that we fall in love with our husband or babies and everything is “happily ever after”…is just hoo-haa! Yep…that’s what I just said HOO-HAA! What a real happy marriage/family looks like is a group of people coming together in a common goal. Willingness to look at one another as being perfect humans in the mist of all our challenges. Being willing to do whatever personal development is necessary to be the best Mom, Dad or kids you can be. Are you willing to do what ever it takes to have the family of your dreams??

What myths have you learned to bust in your family life? Please leave a comment and share them so that other families can benefit from your experiences!

Tracy Liebmann is a Personal Development Coach for Mothers. She believes deeply that connection and communication is key to deep, loving relationships. She mothers her two teenage children from the heart, knowing that is where the truth lies when it comes to parenting. Her coaching clients describe her using words like; compassionate, caring, understanding, patient, insightful and intuitive. She lives in Charleston, SC with her husband of 19 years, her 2 children and many interesting pets. She enjoys being with her family, cooking, anything outdoors and being with her horses! You can learn more about her and her coaching practice on her website Transforming Family. Tracy is a regular contributor to this blog, so stay tuned for more great parenting articles from her!

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