Multivitamins Are Key To Your Overall Health

It’s here-the new year. With it comes resolutions and reflections.  Now more than ever an increasingly number of the world’s population is now eager and interested in looking after their health and in keeping tune with their well-being. Dietary and vitamin supplements have constantly proven their worth to health conscious individuals. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should take an extra step in making sure their diets are packed full of vitamins, minerals, and WATER

While the best source of vitamins is a good healthy diet, most people supplement their diets with a multivitamin. An excellent daily multivitamin supplement does not only develop your general bodily functions but also improves your mental and physical condition and well being. Occasionally specification is needed in appropriately supplementing nutrients to deal with any individual needs. An example would be in your child bearing years, you will want to make sure you have plenty of folic acid.

Did you know?  Folic acid awareness has helped in reducing the premature birth rates across the Northern America’s. Check out the March Of Dimes for tons of helpful information on folic acid!

Multivitamin supplements necessarily include all the vitamins and nutrients essential for recommended daily dosage. Multivitamin supplements may also be formulated to meet the needs of individual conditions like pregnancy and specific age brackets. It is a well settled fact that multivitamins in liquid form are more efficient than the ordinary pill forms. This is due to the fact that the body can easily absorb liquid nutrients five times more than ordinary multivitamins in tablet or capsule form.
Basically, the body needs 13 essential vitamins to function properly. In regulating the crucial performance of the body, it has to have vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, B12, and the 7 B-complex vitamins. Majority of these vitamins are obtained by our body through the food that we eat. There is a danger of illness or even mortality if there is a deficiency of some of the essential vitamins. This is where vitamin supplementation comes in. It counteracts the illness caused by such a deficiency. With this fact, it is very unlikely for someone to refuse vitamin supplementation on a daily basis. So the question now is, why is it necessary for individuals to take multivitamins when majority of our daily diet can provide us with the basic nutrients we need? It may not be compulsory, but everyone can profit from daily multivitamins.

As previously mentioned, the clear benefit of daily intake of multivitamins it to prevent vitamin/nutrient deficiency. Some personal circumstances may increase dietary needs. Pregnant women, during their first trimester, are recommended by their doctors to take multivitamins. This does not only provide the mothers with sufficient nutrition but also proper vitamins to benefit the unborn child inside their womb. Taking multivitamins everyday reduces the risk of transmitting malnutrition from a pregnant woman to her unborn baby.  So if you are planning a baby, currently expecting, or nursing a little one- talk with your doctor about the best type of multivitamin for you.

Stress is also one risk factor which needs serious supplementation that multivitamins can provide. Face it- as a parent we are always stressed!  Aside from the mentioned benefits, daily multivitamins also minimize the risk of cancer or any cardiovascular disease. So combine the benefits of breastfeeding with a daily nutritional diet and exercise and you are well on your way to a healthy new you!

So what happens when you are stressing over remembering that pill….or drops of liquid? Unless you are a strict follower of the food pyramid and eat a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and lean meats- then you will benefit from taking a multivitamin.

Do you take a multi-vitamin daily?

How do you remember, how have you made it part of your daily routine? I know personally if I’m good at taking my vitamins and minerals that I feel energized and ready to tackle the days projects. I can tell that if I’m slacking it means I forgot something- either a couple hours of sleep or those lovely tasteless oval shaped pills packed full of everything I lack in my daily diet.

8 comments to Multivitamins Are Key To Your Overall Health

  • i have been trying to be religious about taking my multivitamin! i have made it part of my bedtime routine. multivitamin and probiotics – check…

  • MJ

    I had been taking a multivitamin daily while ttc and as much as I did not like to have to have a meal big enough for the stomach to not get upset it was incredible the differences the vits made for me. DH said he could tell when I missed it by my mood even. But I could tell my nails and my hair as well as my overall complexion. Since getting pregnant it has been more difficult though, because I can not seem to find a vit that does not make me ill. Right now, the doc has me switching every week or so to find a good fit. So far, no go.

  • Mommy News

    Hi MJ, I hope they are able to find you something that doesn’t make you sick. If not, try to adjust your diet so that you are getting lots of green leafy veges and other important nutrients. Diet is the best way to get vitamins that your body can absorb easily – so eat healthy and you will be just fine. Congrats on your pregnancy! — Judy

  • I am so terrible at remembering to take a vitamin. I know I should still be taking a prenatal because I am nursing but I ran out and I never remember to pick up more. I also really need to get some probiotics because we have a chronic thrush problem here.


  • I try hard to take a multivitamin and also use the Juice Plus as well. I can tell if I haven’t taken them as I get very moody. i know that the best way to get what I need is a healthy diet- however with the kids and everything I do during the day my diet or the lack there of always ends up taking a backseat.

    Thanks for the great reminder of the importance of a healthy diet!

  • Rob A

    “It may not be compulsory, but everyone can profit from daily multivitamins.” Everyone? Or just multivitamin manufacturers?

    How did humans survive before multivitamin manufacturers existed?

    I wonder how much nutrients your daily diet lacks? Is there a way for you to check this out? It would be interesting to see what a dietician would recommend for you in terms of foods you should add to your diet (or supplements if truly necessary). Do you think this would be a better route than self-prescribing “lovely tasteless oval shaped pills” (though I have nothing against that wonderful placebo effect).

    NB I fully support the evidence-based recommendation that pregnant women take folic acid as recommended by health authorities.

  • Mommy News

    Thanks for your comment Rob! I agree, in a perfect world – vitamins wouldn’t be needed, but eat so many processed foods that are lacking all of their natural nutrients, that I think in reality, it is a good idea to take a supplement. I would love to hear what a nutritionist has to say too! Please send one over if you know one!!

  • Ryan Griffin

    We must always remember that taking multi-vitamins is not a substitute to good wholesome nutrition. We should aim at eating well-balanced meals which include plenty of fruits and vegetables, and at least one cup of green leafy vegetables a day. Choosing a good multi-vitamin is also important. Many multi-vitamins do not totally break down in your system and so the full potency of nutrients is not available to the body. You will want to choose a multi-vitamin which is bio-available. The best type of multi-vitamins is in an effervescent form, like MultiVescence. The bubbles actually help to ensure maximum absorption of nutrients.

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