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I’ve mentioned before that, while we all know fresh, whole foods are the ideal to strive for, sometimes we  just need some packaged foods. As a busy working mom, not to mention a mom still nursing and working out, I particularly seek out protein-rich healthy foods I can pop into my face when I’m cramming a workout in between school pickups and work meetings and making dinner.

I was very excited to learn about Go Chews from MomMe Meals. The product claims to support breastfeeding, give moms energy, and curb hunger. These chewy cubes are similar to a lot of no-bake protein bites I’m always seeing recipes for on Pinterest. Just like their homemade counterparts, these chews contain only real, healthy ingredients.

I look at the ingredients list and see only real words: apricots, oats, hemp seeds, cinnamon, etc.

As the mom of a kid with a peanut allergy, I appreciate that these chews are peanut-free. As a person with a sulfur allergy, I love that the apricots are unsulfured! They’re also gluten free and the ingredients are organic. The chews contain blackstrap molasses and pumpkin seeds for added iron and taste faintly of coconut. Mmmm, coconut.

Kristen, creator of MomMe Meals, sent me a free sample package to test out. They happened to arrive the day I ran a 10-mile race. I got home from the event half starved, desperate for something hearty to tide me over until my family was ready for lunch. These chews were the perfect thing! I realize that post-race starvation might translate to a false sense of wonder, so I tested them again the next day.

I tossed the bag in my car as I went to pick my kids up from childcare. All of us sat in the car eating the chewy cubes–the ideal treat to sate our afternoon hunger and tide us over until dinner. I think I like everything about these Go Chews.

As an athlete, I’ve tried a great many protein and energy bars and packaged products. I rely on them during and after training. Almost all of them contain added sugars or soy products, which is fine from time to time, but tough to swallow when I’m working out multiple times per week. In addition to containing purely pantry ingredients, these chews come in pre-cut, small portions. A “serving” is five cubes, but I love the option to grab fewer if I don’t need 200+ calories. Plus I can toss my kids a single cube.

And my secret favorite part? The bar code on the back of the package is shaped like a pair of breasts.

This is a company that gets what moms are juggling and these products fill a specific hole I’ve had in my life. Consider me a convert.

Company owner/chef Kristen Bocanegra has even offered us a coupon if you wanted to give these chews (or any other MomMe Meals products) a nibble: Enter the code AMB2013 at checkout to receive 15% off your first order.

Did you give these chews a whirl? Leave us a comment to let us know what you think!

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