Chantel Dress & Maya Wrap: Great For Weddings!

Yesterday we posted another one of our winners from the September 2008 Baby Photo Contest, Ellen and JacAlan. Ellen’s testimony shows how a great nursing dress and a comfy Maya Wrap are even great for weddings! The Chantel Dress by Annee Matthew makes it possible to wear a dress and nurse your baby without having to hide out in the bathroom with your dress hiked up. It’s beautiful flowy skirt and crisscross paneled top it hugs your figure in just the right places . Combine this dress with one of the many styles that Maya Wrap has to offer and you have the perfect match for your next wedding, weekend trip, or holiday festivities.

Here is what Ellen had to say:

“I absolutely love this dress and the maya wrap that I am wearing. In this picture I was at my sisters wedding, JacAlan, my baby, was so comfortable in the maya wrap, and having this dress on made it so easy to nurse. JacAlan was in the wrap almost all day, he was awake in the wrap, he nursed and slept in the wrap as well. I specifically bought the dress for my sisters wedding but I wear it all the time. It is so comfortable and it looks great. The wrap is also so great to have especially having 3 older children, the oldest being 5, I can carry him and nurse when I am at the playground or taking walks. Its so practical and feels great, also during the summer I was able to shield my baby from the sun with the wrap on. And I was able to wear the dress to the beach too!! Now that the weather is getting colder I just throw a sweater over the dress. The dress still looks great and it definitely has taken a beating. It’s so easy to wash and dry too!! Thank you Mothers Boutique for such great products.”

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