Lift And Support And Fit…Oh My!

I just received a brand-new nursing bra in my store (making it 50 different types of nursing bras that I carry – HOLY COW!). It is called the Smoothing Underwire Nursing Bra and it is made by Elomi (part of the Eveden family of bras designed specifically for women with larger busts). I ordered this bra because I am always on the look out for good nursing bras – especially ones that come in large cup sizes. And one combination that seems to be especially difficult to find is a bra that comes in large cup sizes AND has an underwire. I don’t know why – but this is almost impossible to find! Well – it’s impossible to find one that is comfortable anyway….

Well, I’ve found it! And when I tried this bra on, I found myself singing “Lift and Support and Fit … Oh MY! Lift and Support and Fit …. OH MY!” (to the tune of Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!) This bra is fantastic! It gives great lift (important when your breasts are the size of small or in some cases large melons!). It gives great support – again very important when you have large breasts and it fits FANTASTIC!! The underwire is comfortable, the cups are flattering to your figure and it places your girls – right where they belong – IN THE CENTER OF YOUR CHEST – not down in your belly!

This bra comes in sizes 34-48, DD-K. The sizing is a “funky” in that they use some European sizing standards which we North American’s are not accustomed to – but I have put “equivalent” sizing on my site so that you can get a better idea of which size to order.

If you have large breasts – then this is the bra for you! Try one out today! “Lift and Support and Fit … Oh MY! Lift and Support and Fit …. OH MY!”

Disclaimer: I received a free sample of this bra in order to decide if I wanted to order it for my store or not. I was not expected nor asked to write a review of it. I did that purly of my own volition because I was so super impressed with how truely wonderful this bra is!

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