Jury Duty While Pregnant

Just over a year ago, I got a juror summons when I had a wee nursling. I wrote about how I looked forward to the service as a “day off” from the intense work of mothering. Lunch break, readers. Lunch break! Alone!! Alas, I was not called to appear in court.iStock_000013732170Small-Justice.jpg

Yesterday, I got a juror summons to appear in court on my due date! Yikes!

I’m of mixed minds about the summons. If I arrange for a deferral, that’s like an automatic ticket for a long gestation. When I was pregnant with my oldest, I got a summons for federal jury duty–in Harrisburg! I would have had to travel 4 hours to appear! Yikes. But the summons was for right around my due date, I got a deferral, and then Miles gestated almost 42 weeks.

If I plan to show up for my civic duty, that might be an automatic ticket to an early labor! But then I’d have to deal with jury phone calls and paperwork with a newborn. It sounds likeĀ kind of a mess.

But, for the sake of posterity, I’d like to walk through the steps I decided to take to seek a deferral for this situation. It’s really not fair to anyone potentially on trial for me to maybe go into labor in the midst of a trial…which is probably why the lawyers would never select me for service. I digress.

Here are the steps I took to get a medical deferral:

1. I filled out my juror questionnaire, indicating that I have a medical condition impairing my ability to serve.

2. Since I could fill out my questionnaire online, I was immediately directed to the medical affidavit for my care provider to complete. If I’d had to mail it in, I’d have to probably wait to receive this form in the mail from the court.

3. I faxed the form to my midwives, who are completing it and faxing it to the courthouse.

I’m not actually sure what happens next, but I’m assuming I’ll be notified that I’ll have a 12-month deferral (All citizensĀ are eligible for jury selection every 12 months). If I get summoned again, I’ll have to see how things are going with my new babe. Most likely I’ll be ready for some “relaxing” time in court! I’ll keep you all posted.

Did any of you get a juror summons while you were great with child? Leave us a comment to share your experience!

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