How the Windi Helped Poor Poppy

If you’ve ever held a screaming baby, you know there’s more going on there than just plain fussiness. Amanda Gaus’s second daughter, Poppy, was one of these babies. Poppy started out as a fussy infant and right around 8 weeks, she became a screamer. Poppy would scream and arch her back for 5 to 6 hours at a time!IMG950091

She’d get so upset, she wouldn’t be able to nurse, and one of these crying sessions got so bad, Amanda and Poppy spent the night at Children’s Hospital getting IV fluids because Poppy became dehydrated!

Still, nobody had any answers for the Gaus family. Poppy wasn’t showing any signs of something specific being “wrong.” The pediatrician and the staff at Children’s shrugged her off as maybe having a virus. So, desperate, Amanda posted a video online of Poppy screaming. “Any ideas?” she wrote.

She and her husband had already tried most of the suggested remedies, but when Judy McAuley from Happy Baby Company suggested the Windi, Amanda was intrigued. Then, Judy offered to deliver the Windi to the Gaus’s home after she closed the shop. How could they not give it a try?

“After Judy dropped off the Windi, we all went upstairs and huddled around Poppy–my 4-year-old and my husband thought this was pretty ridiculous. It looks like a whistle pop.” But Poppy was obviously uncomfortable. And so, they inserted the Windi catheter into Poppy’s bum.

“The amount of gas that came out of that baby was unreal!” Amanda remembers. “There was…there was just so much. It who?oshed out at us, and Poppy immediately stopped crying and smiled at us.”

Since they started using the Windi, Poppy has had a few 30-45 minute bouts of crying, but nothing like the multi-hour cycles of crying, then crying because she was uncomfortable from all the air she sucked in crying, then being too upset to nurse to calm down.

Amanda bought another pack of Windis to take along when they had to go out of town unexpectedly, because the tool has become so valuable she doesn’t want to be caught on the road without one. Whenever she notices Poppy arching her back and getting fussy, Amanda uses the Windi catheter and every time, a great whoosh of gas comes flying out of her daughter.

“It gives her immediate relief. It’s dramatic and apparent that she feels so much better afterward,” Amanda says.

She says she would never have considered such a thing–a fart catheter for a baby!–if Poppy hadn’t been screaming for so many hours every day. But now that she’s tried it, Amanda is a total believer. And, most important, poor Poppy is a happy baby at last!

Have any of you used the Windi to help soothe your fussy baby? Leave us a comment to let us know how it worked for you!

8 comments to How the Windi Helped Poor Poppy

  • I love this post! Can’t wait to share with other moms!!

  • Stacy Kowalyk

    Where can I purchase the Windi?? The same thing is happening to my son

  • Hi Stacy, you can purchase the Windi at our boutique:

  • lilrayz

    I have to say I am surprised that more people arent aware of this as a solution for a gassy baby. my daughter is VERY gassy. she also will scream for hours when she cant fart. Windis are very far outside my budget since they are single use. A much more frugal solution is to use a q-tip or 2 covered in Vaseline and insert into the rectum. I find it works just as well and is much cheaper! I have to do this to my daughter a couple of times a day. Her pediatrician has given me the OK to do so. So if you are ever caught short without this product give this method a whirl :)

  • Thanks for the info! However, due to the danger of puncturing the baby’s rectum accidentally, we do not recommend anyone trying this technique. We recommend seeing your pediatrician or using the Windi to help your baby relieve gas. We actually have pediatricians offices who purchase this item from us since it is safer for doctors to use as well. ^Judy

  • lilrayz

    …if you are concerned that you will puncture your childs rectum, use a rectal thermometer instead of q-tips

  • A rectal thermometer would be even more likely to puncture the rectum than Q-tips. Anything that doesn’t have a “lip” to stop it from going in too far is going to have a high risk of puncture. If there were another product that was similar to the Windi, I’d be happy to recommend it, but I really can’t recommend any of the do-it-yourself techniques. It’s fine that you and your pediatrician are comfortable with what you are doing – but I really can’t recommend that to other moms.

  • My baby needs this. We have so much trouble with gas. He screams can’t sleep.He needs this.

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