Hands-Free Bra Makes Pumping Better

Let’s be realistic. Pumping milk from your breasts is never going to be awesome. It just isn’t. But! I was finally convinced (5 years into my nursing journey) to buy a hands-free pumping bra and lo! It does make things better. pumpease hands free bra

I hesitated so long because I didn’t understand the logistics of the bra. I thought I’d have to fully disrobe in order to use the hands-free nursing bra, which sounded cumbersome and really inconvenient, especially if I were pumping in my car.

There are some models where this is necessary, and some of the homemade hack bras require this (think: sports bra with slits cut in the front). But as it turns out, disrobing is NOT necessary with the PumpEase.

Numerous friends suggested I try out the PumpEase, and it turns out they know what they’re talking about.

Off I went to get fitted by Judy and had my pick between a number of styles and colors. I mean, it really doesn’t matter ever at all what pattern my hands-free pumping bra comes in…but it’s nice that I could choose between leopard and polka dot to wear in private. (I went with polka dot)

I got home and rigged up my pump. To put on the PumpEase, I just had to lift my shirt, unhook my nursing bra, and wrap the PumpEase around my chest. It closes in the front. At first I wasted a lot of time trying to line up my nipples with the slits, but realized this was an unnecessary step at that stage.

Next, after the flanges are all set with the tubing, I slid them into the bra and THEN adjusted them on my breasts so the nipples were lined up. And there they stayed! Suddenly I had two hands to turn on the pump, to peruse Facebook, to return emails.

I know that ideally, pumping should be a relaxing monotask. But in reality, it just isn’t for me, especially when I’m working.

I’m a convert to the PumpEase! I’ll be stowing it in my pump bag from now on.

*Note: I received an employee discount but purchased my PumpEase myself

Have you tried a hands-free pumping bra? Leave a comment to share your experience!

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