Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Ladies

I have never been largely pregnant at Halloween, much to my disappointment. Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love looking at the ideas other ladies come up with for pregnancy costumes, though.

I chuckle at beach balls and basketballs, pumpkins and Santa suits.

But. This Miley Cyrus “wrecking ball” costume is my all-time favorite:

I think I laughed for a half hour when I saw it, mostly because my oldest son is obsessed with that song and I’ve watched the video a zillion times.

I have had 3 tiny babies for Halloween, though, and you’d think I would have been right on the spot with some babywearing costumes. Unfortunately, each time I have a tiny baby, it’s all I can do to put on pants.

By the time I had my third son, I was struggling to get costumes for my older kids who really cared about Halloween.

So I live vicariously through more industrious parents and keep waiting for when I have grandkids and can help future daughters in law concoct amazing costumes!

Have you dressed up for Halloween when you were largely pregnant? Leave us a comment to share your favorite costume!

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