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In honor of A Mother’s Boutique‘s 20,000th online order, we are hosting a series of giveaways to share our favorite products with you, our wonderful customers!

Today, we’re giving away some goodies from MomMe Meals.

As moms, we strive for fresh, whole foods…but we’re all just so darn busy! Not to mention, nursing hunger is one of the most powerful sensations known to humans. 2 packages of go chews

MomMe Meals provides easy, convenient, protein-rich healthy foods designed with nursing moms in mind. We’re giving away Go Chews, 2 bags of the Turkish Apricot and 2 bags of the Fig Ginger Sesame. These Go Chews are gluten free, contain blackstrap molasses and pumpkin seeds for added iron, and taste delicious!

Kristen, creator of MomMe Meals, designed Go Chews to support breastfeeding, give us energy, and curb our hunger. As a nursing mom herself, she knows how hard it is to eat while nursing a newborn. These chews are great to eat one handed, and my older kids dig them, so I can toss them a few when they are ravenous as I’m nursing their brother.

Teresa O. from Pittsburgh says, “Go Chews are great for helping me keep my milk supply.  Every time I feel like my milk supply is taking a dip, I just eat some more Go Chews and it comes right back.”

And our secret favorite part? The bar code on the back of the package is shaped like a pregnant belly.

This is a company that gets what moms are juggling and these products are the best mom-focused foods we have found.

To win these energizing bites, enter our Rafflecopter giveaway below.

Congratulations to our winner, Sabrina S!
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