Full-Figured And Fabulous!

By Jaimie Leader-Goodale
The Cheesecake Bra gives a great shape!I was lucky enough to be asked to “test drive” Cake’s Cheesecake Nursing Bra for a Mother’s Boutique.  I’m a 42 I-J depending on the bra, so it’s a good test for us fuller figured gals who have trouble finding a good nursing bra.
In the past I’ve worn a few different brands and the one I ended up with the most was HotMilk.  Cake is a similar line/concept to Hotmilk, but I have to say – I think they’ve executed the idea more effectively.

It’s rare for an wireless bra to be able to offer me support AND a nice shape.  This did both pretty well.  The shape under my shirt was not like a wireless at all and I was very pleased.
One night while wearing it I went out for my birthday dinner.  As is typical on a birthday – I over indulged just a wee bit.  That’s where this bra really shines. The 6 columns of hooks offers a lot of wonderful adjustability for days when you are fuller, and days when you are less full… either of milk, hormones, baby, or food.   I was able to loosen just a touch so I could be comfortable for the movie theatre that night.
Cheesecake Nursing Bra, size 42JThe only thing I noticed that was a little annoying, was that the shoulder straps didn’t hold their adjustment as well as I’d have liked.  After about 6 hours of wearing I had to readjust the straps, and then they started slipping again.  One way to fix this is to get it adjusted how you like and put a couple of quick stitches in to hold the adjustment in place.  A couple of stitches are easily removable and added as needed for adjustment but can really help lock in the strap.  That kind of issue is really not that uncommon in bras for us larger gals.  Gravity is gravity after all.
In general, I was very pleasantly impressed with the Cake Cheesecake Bra. It was a good fit, functional, flexible, looked good, and was very pretty (which is a nice bonus.)

Jaimie is a working mom with 2 beautiful little girls, 2 “fur babies”,  and a wonderful husband who helps her on a daily basis.  By day she does Technical support, and by night she’s mom/chef extraordinaire… Jaimie states that she struggles on a daily basis to support not only her children, but the boobs that ate Chicago. 

2 comments to Full-Figured And Fabulous!

  • sara m

    Thank you for posting this review! I have had a very hard time trying to find a supportive nursing bra and now I can’t wait to go check out this company!

  • Ana Davidson

    I really want to try this bra once I find it where it isn’t back ordered. I noticed that you’re most likely wearing the wrong size. Your breasts are hanging and that could be the band size. Also I see lots of side boob meaning you’re not in the bra all the way. I’m not an expert but I’ve had that problem before and I know how to spot when a bra isn’t a good fit. Sorry to be so judgey but I thought I’d express my concern.

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