Evenflo To Become WHO-Compliant!

I just learned that Evenflo has announced it’s plans to sell it’s feeding business! it will now focus all of its sales and marketing efforts on breastpumps (via Ameda, who has always been WHO-Code Complaint), car seats, travel systems, baby carriers and more.

Evenflo use to be the only WHO-Code compliant bottle manufacturer in the world when they purchased Ameda and Ameda worked with them to help them reach this status. But last July, they announced that they were going to start advertising their bottles again, hence giving up their code-complaint status. White the Ameda division of Evenflo remained code-complaint, their parent company was not.

At the time, I kind-of “understood” why they did it. After all, how could they hope to compete in selling bottles if they were playing by rules that no one else followed and our government doesn’t require them to follow. Now, I really understand -in order to sell off part of your business – you need to make it look as good as possible – so pumping advertising dollars into that part of the business last year, surely affected their ability to sell it successfully.

I can’t even tell you how thrilled I am! In their press release, they state that the motivation behind this moved was “Demographic trends, such as the increasing adoption of breastfeeding and an anticipated recovery in U.S. child births, as well as longstanding relationships with the world’s leading juvenile products retailers, favor the growth prospects for Evenflo’s diverse remaining businesses.” (NOTE: bold italics added by me)

But isn’t this even more fabulous!! They violated the WHO Code for the short term so that they could sell off the non-compliant part of the business and focus their efforts on BREASTFEEDING!! I couldn’t be more thrilled!!

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