Dynashape Nursing Tank: A New Love Affair

I’ve been gushing about the Glamourmom Full Bust nursing tank for a long time. Almost 3 years, in fact, as I have lived in them since late pregnancy with my second son. I see we now carry it in pink, which is so exciting.

But! When I was shopping for a nursing dress to wear to a fancy function, Judy suggested I check out the Dynashape nursing tankdynashape nursing tank

It doesn’t look like the nursing tank for me, with my enormous, tandem-nursing bosom. It’s got spaghetti straps, which often make me look like a trussed pork loin. It seems sort of flimsy when you pick it up. I doubted Judy. I did!

But I tried it on because I trust her, and I’m so glad!

First, this tank provides shape support. In other words, it helps hold up the loose belly skin so I can zipper my real pants for the first time in a year. I’ve never worn any sort of shapewear before, but as my muscles put themselves back together after this third baby, I find it feels very nice to have a long top offering me gentle support in this way.

Second, the tank is actually rather supportive of my bust. Could I go jogging in this tank? Definitely not. Can I wear it to walk to the bus stop and sling kids and bags of potatoes through the grocery store? Yes!

This tank costs only $26, which seems insane, and comes in sizes meant to accommodate cup sizes from B through F, though I am positive my cup letter edges closer to J at this point. And I’m wearing it just fine!

It is a seamless tank, so there’s a smooth look when I layer it with even a thin shirt. There are little foam cups in the tank, but I removed those as I found them fussy when clipping and unclipping the nursing opening. I did keep them in for my fancy function, because they gave me just a bit more security against leakage.

I realize I’ve used a lot of exclamation points in one short post about a nursing tank, but this is the best way I know how to convey my enthusiasm for this product. I will mention that I received an employee discount to purchase the tanks, but I definitely would have paid full price and I definitely went back to buy a total of 4 of them in various colors.

Have you tried the Dynashape nursing tank? Leave us a comment to share your experience. 

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