Drip Milk: Safe for Baby?

Have you been blessed with a milk supply that bursts forth from both breasts, whether baby is nursing or not? We’ve got some solutions for milkies milksaverthat!

But. Moms who love our Milkies Milksaver sometimes get confused about how to use this product to build their freezer stash.

The Milkies is meant to be worn on the non-nursing breast while you are breastfeeding your baby. This way, when you have a let-down, any milk that spurts from the non-nursing breast is gathered in the milk-saver and can be frozen or refrigerated for baby to drink later.

So–any milk that’s spewing forth during a nursing session can be safely gathered by the Milkies.

The milk-saver is not meant to be worn around all day like a nursing pad, collecting drip milk. (note: some moms also collect drip milk in breast shells worn throughout the day)

Drip-milk refers to any milk that drips from the breasts between feedings. This milk tends to be lower in fat than actively expressed milk. When it’s gathered in a breast shell or milk-saver, it’s kept warm against your body–it could have increased bacterial growth and should not be saved for baby.

Did you use a Milkies Milksaver to build your freezer stash? Leave us a comment to share your experience!

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