Donated Breastmilk And Mainstream Media

Breast Milk DonationI was just watching the latest episode of Private Practice – the one where Addison gets her baby and she is back visiting the practice with her new adopted baby. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that she was giving her baby donated breast milk! While I’d love to see someone on TV breastfeeding an adopted baby, I’m just as happy to see a mom with an adopted baby choosing breast milk over formula.

So Addison brings the baby in and is getting ready to make a bottle. Sam sees the “bag” of breast milk on the counter and picks it up asking what it is. Addison very “matter-of-factly” states that it’s breast milk. When Sam asks her where it’s from she says something to the effect of “Its from a milk bank, I’m not running around the city hunting down lactating women.” Yeah, so most women can’t afford to give their babies breast milk from a milk bank – that is generally reserved for very sick babies in the NICU – but did you know that there are many ways to get donated breast milk for your baby that doesn’t involve paying $3-4 per ounce at a breast milk bank? For further information on donating your milk to a mom-in-need or getting milk from a mom with surplus, please check out:

Eats on Feets

Human Milk for Human Babies

Milk Share

Did you see this episode (Episode 19: And Then There Was One)? What did you think?

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