Does My Bra Fit Me Properly?

The moms working the sales floor at A Mother’s Boutique have noticed something–lots of us are wearing the wrong bra. We’re coming in to buy nursing bras wearing regular bras that just don’t fit! There’s been spillover, bra dimpling, band sizes too tight, band sizes too big…some women just don’t know they are wearing the wrong size and some are aware, but get hung up on letters and numbers and buy the wrong size on purpose.

For the women unsure of how a bra should fit, we offer a primer: Bra Fitting Tips


nursing bra model

See how the bra lies flat in the center? How the underwire extends all the way around the breast? This bra fits her well.

  • Your bra should be level front to back. Many women wear a bra too high on their torso and this throws measurements off.
  • A properly fitted band size can lift the bust! But you might need deeper cups to accomplish this.
  • The band should be snug because this is where all your support begins. A loose band won’t offer the support you need.
  • The band should fit snug at the loosest setting so you can tighten it as the bra begins to stretch a bit with wear.
  • If you think your band is too tight, you might just be wearing the band too high on your back.
  • Straps falling down? You might need to tighten them OR you might be wearing your bra too high on your back.


  • Breasts should fill but not overflow the cups.
  • The edge of the cup should never dig into your breast–if it does, you need a bigger cup size!
  • If the cups sag or dimple, you need a smaller cup size.
  • The underwire should cradle the entire breast–the cup and wire should start much closer to your armpit than you think!
  • HOWEVER, the underwire should never poke your armpit. Shorter women might need a different type of bra.

Remember–the entire bra works to lift and support the breasts, so straps that dig, a band that pinches, or cups that feel uncomfortable are all symptoms of a bra that’s wrong for your body.

Our shop has bras to support women with all band/cup combinations and our well-trained staff is here to help you select the garment that will best support and flatter your body while you’re nursing your baby. If you can’t stop by in person, our virtual bra fitting will offer you a customized guide to getting a bra that fits you well.

Think about how many hours per day you are wearing a bra. Now think about how much more pleasant that can feel with a bra that cradles your body as lovingly as you hold your nursing babe.

Did you learn anything surprising about your size when you were fitted for your nursing bras? Leave us a comment to share your experience.

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