Do You Know Your Rights?

Picture this:

You are at the mall with your family and your baby is hungry. So you find the closest bench to sit down and feed her. Your husband and older child keep walking around. While you are sitting there an older woman walks by and smiles, a group of teenagers take a second glance, and the next passerby, a young security officer, comes up to you and says “Ma’am, you are going to have to go to the family restroom on the other side of the mall, it’s next to the food court”.

Shocked you look at him and you… [fill in the end of this story in the comments section.]

Many states across The United States have put into place legislation that protect the nursing mother’s right to nurse anywhere and anytime she wants. If you as a person are allowed to be in the area then you are allowed to nurse. Sounds simple right?

Many mothers have found that if you use a nursing cover, most people do not even take a second glance. Well, perhaps they are taking a second look because they like your nursing cover. For the most part however, people just carry on as if you are not there. Other moms are comfortable in their own skin and nursing their little one in public with no cover- just their normal clothing. This is when you will have second and third glances from passerbys. This is also when you will most likely be asked to leave the area- or cover up.

It’s important to know your rights not only to know what to do in a situation like the above, but it’s empowering and gives you strength knowing that it’s not just you! So go out- nurse in public!

Check out La Leche League International for current legislation in your area- The United States or Internationally

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