Cloth Diapering and Introducing Solids

We cloth diaper three-quarters of the time here at Team Lev Headquarters. We launder the diapers ourselves and I must say, it’s been pretty lovely these past six months to not worry about the contents of the cloth diaper.

Cloth diapers on the clothesline

I never imagined that the sun really would bleach out stains. But it does!

Breastfed baby poo, you see, can go straight into the washing machine. It breaks down completely and washes away like the pee. As an added bonus, my exclusively breastfed second son only pooped a few times a week at most, so I didn’t even really have to worry about it!

But my baby is sitting, has some teeth, babbles, and is so interested in food! In fact, he becomes totally irate if he isn’t given his own plate to hold at dinner time. We’ve skipped right over purees and are just giving him chunks of things to gnaw on.

He eats scrambled eggs, steamed bell peppers, cooked carrots, hunks of bread, and even little bits of ground meat. And wouldn’t you know it, the consistency of his beautiful breastmilk poo has changed!

It certainly is interesting to see what’s down there these days, and it’s also become more laborious to clean up after him. We actually have to use our diaper sprayer again and I’m reminded of why people might consider cloth diapering to be a tad icky.

I certainly never thought I’d say that I miss those seedy little splotches from my baby’s first few months!

Like anything else, the new spraying routine will just take a bit to get used to and we’ll be right back in our groove like we were with our first son. We switched to using one-size pocket diapers exclusively this time around, so I’m looking forward to not wrangling a feisty baby into a prefold and then a cover.

Are any of you cloth diapering? What are your tips for poop management as your baby starts eating some solids? Leave a comment to let us know!

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