Children’s Tag-less Shirts May Cause Allergic Reaction

While we have not had an issue in our household, news is spreading that some of the tag-less shirts by Carters may cause a allergic reaction. This is something all parents should be mindful of, so if you notice a small rash on the back of your child’s neck you may have just solved the mystery.

The below is an announcement from the Carters website which you can view in full HERE.

Carter’s has received reports that some infants with sensitive skin could be allergic to heat-transferred, or “tag-less,” labels used in baby and infant clothing, including Carter’s clothing. Children with such an allergy may develop a localized rash in the general area of the label on the upper back. Naturally, we are very concerned about any child who may have had a skin rash while wearing our garments, and we have been looking into this matter thoroughly.

We have conducted an internal review of the product and test results, required our label manufacturers to do the same, and coordinated with several independent experts, including physicians, to provide their analysis. Our review and testing provide no indication that the labels contain any known skin irritants or abrasive chemicals, or that such a rash is anything beyond a rare allergic reaction to an otherwise safe product. We have received fewer than four reported rashes for every 1,000,000 of these products sold.

Nevertheless, we have been working closely with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and issued a joint advisory to alert consumers to the situation.

The reported skin rashes have been associated with tag-less labels used in our Fall 2007 product line. These labels have a solid, rather than stenciled, background. Prior and current Carter’s product lines utilize labels with stenciled backgrounds and have not been linked to skin rashes.

If your child develops such an allergic reaction, you should stop using the garment that caused the reaction. If the condition persists, please contact your pediatrician for advice. You may return any item that you are not satisfied with for a full refund. Our Consumer Affairs staff can help with that return.

Carter’s is committed to being the industry leader in product safety and quality. All of our products must pass rigorous third-party testing to ensure they meet the highest safety and quality standards and are compliant with all laws and regulations. We take pride in knowing that parents rely on us to provide trusted products that help make their lives simpler. As always, Carter’s is here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

I want to hear from my readers as I have not had a issue with this personally- have you? What was the outcome?

8 comments to Children’s Tag-less Shirts May Cause Allergic Reaction

  • I’ve never noticed anything like this on my kids. I think all of their clothing including their underwear have the tagless stuff. I wonder if it’s a chemical used to adhear the image to the fabric. Good to know!

  • We’ve not had any problems either and my children both seem to have gotten my sensitive skin so I guess we have been pretty lucky. I was telling my mom about this and she wishes everyone would go tagless but it would obviously not be a good idea for some.

  • Wow! I’ve never heard this before, but luckily my children haven’t had any problems with these tagless shirts! I hope they never do! Thanks for the info.!

  • Katelyn

    I didn’t know about this either but my daughter has had some dry, bumpy skin in the middle of her shoulder blades for a while now- I’m going to check and see if we wear the Carter’s 2007 line. thanks for the update

  • Ruth N.

    Strangely enough, my kids have issues with both kinds of labels – both tags and “tagless”. I’ve never paid attention to what brands they were, though. I just prefer to buy ones with tags and cut them out. I hate to see them with an itchy rash, and it is annoying to me to find that so many undershirts have no tags anymore. I had no idea it was so rare, though. I get a rash myself from some labels, but I don’t own any “tagless” shirts myself.

  • I saw this on other blogs, luckly we have not had any problems

  • Jennifer

    My kids have been fine, and Ilana has quite a few clothes from that year/line. They have had all had allergies as infants/toddlers and sensitive skin, but it’s never bothered them at all. We love Carter’s.

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