Coffee Talk with Penny Simkin

Recently, I was invited to coffee and conversation with the legendary Penny Simkin. Penny is a physical therapist, internationally known speaker, birth educator, doula, doula-trainer, co-author of Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn, and author of The Birth Partner.

I was invited amongst a room of doulas, midwives, and childbirth educators because I am a . . . → Read More: Coffee Talk with Penny Simkin

VBAC – One Mom’s Story

By Dori Sayson

This is my VBAC birth story of my son, Levi Andrew – this birth was memorable in so many ways! I had an unexpected c-section with my first son. When I was in the OR for the c-section I knew that I so desperately wanted to have a VBAC birth the . . . → Read More: VBAC – One Mom’s Story

After 60 Hours of Labor – The Result Is VBAC!!

By Karalee Lester

2 years ago, my epic labor to deliver our Gus began…

After waking up around 7:00 AM and being sure my water had sprung a slow leak, I called our midwifery clinic and was assured I was just in very early labor and all was well. I had an appointment scheduled . . . → Read More: After 60 Hours of Labor – The Result Is VBAC!!