Nursing Through Pregnancy: One Day at a Time

Last week I casually mentioned that we are expecting our third child. Surprise! We had intended to wait until Felix weaned to get pregnant again, but…surprise!

Could this be me in a few months? Image source 

So here I am nursing through pregnancy again. The first time I did this, I found nursing . . . → Read More: Nursing Through Pregnancy: One Day at a Time

Low-Key December: Is it Possible?

I always feel like December slaps me in the face with a bag of rocks. There’s so much going on! Sometimes I wonder why we can’t spread out the awesome stuff year-round instead of cramming it all into one month, but then there’s something very magical about winter time.

It’s a bit contradictory, isn’t . . . → Read More: Low-Key December: Is it Possible?

Oh, the Humanity

We arrived home last night after bedtime. We were pretty much on the road the entire day, leaving the Philly suburbs at 10 in the morning, driving straight to visit my grandmother at the nursing home 90-minutes away, and then spending the rest of the day and into the night staring at break lights on the . . . → Read More: Oh, the Humanity

Bedsharing Woes

A friend was lamenting some of her logistical struggles with bedsharing*, and it got me thinking about my own troubles, particularly in winter. (I know, I said I was going to work toward nightweaning…I haven’t gone much past reading the Nursies book to my son)

We don’t even bedshare full time right now, but . . . → Read More: Bedsharing Woes

Flying with a Toddler On My Lap

My family just took a trip to Arizona to celebrate my sister’s 40th birthday. We decided not to purchase a ticket for my 18-month old and I had him on my lap for the flight. Safety considerations aside, I see now why people purchase seats for their toddlers. What a mess!

A terrible . . . → Read More: Flying with a Toddler On My Lap

Night Weaning

My kids don’t sleep for very long intervals. At our house, the phrase “sleep like a baby” is code for “wake up every 2 hours” or “only fall begrudgingly asleep after extensive marching, jiggling, and rending of clothes by your grown-ups.”

My Felix, at 17 months, still wakes twice each night. This is sort . . . → Read More: Night Weaning

Breastfeeding While Pregnant

Before I had kids, when I knew nothing at all about anything BUT  thought I knew a lot of things about everything, I believed the common myth that it was not possible to breastfeed while pregnant. This went along with the general American public’s opinions about weaning at the stroke of midnight on a . . . → Read More: Breastfeeding While Pregnant