Plus-Sized Maternity and Nursing Clothes

The latest issue of Bust magazine ran a feature article about some of the problems in the plus-sized fashion industry. (The magazine is an indy pub and doesn’t post their content online, so if you are curious to read the whole piece, for sure go grab an issue!) Author Nicolette Mason points out that . . . → Read More: Plus-Sized Maternity and Nursing Clothes

Breathing Room

It’s been a few weeks since I spent more than an hour or two away from my kids. My 16-month old has been teething, so he’s up every few hours and it seems like my four-year-old, nervous about school, wakes up on the alternate hours until I’m walking around like a grumpy zombie who . . . → Read More: Breathing Room

Does My Bra Fit Me Properly?

The moms working the sales floor at A Mother’s Boutique have noticed something–lots of us are wearing the wrong bra. We’re coming in to buy nursing bras wearing regular bras that just don’t fit! There’s been spillover, bra dimpling, band sizes too tight, band sizes too big…some women just don’t know they are wearing . . . → Read More: Does My Bra Fit Me Properly?

Physical Nursing Support for Busty Gals

Welcome to The Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival!

This post was written as part of the Breastfeeding Cafe’s Carnival. For more info on the Breastfeeding Cafe, go to For more info on the Carnival or if you want to participate, contact Claire at clindstrom2 {at} gmail {dot} com. Today’s post is about your partner’s role . . . → Read More: Physical Nursing Support for Busty Gals

Lifecycle of a Nursing Bra

How long do your nursing clothes last you? And what do you do with them once they’ve finally clacked their last click, flopped open never to be re-snapped?

With my regular clothes, I try to donate the garments in good condition once I’m done with them. Clothes in bad condition get used as rags . . . → Read More: Lifecycle of a Nursing Bra

Gone Camping…with My Children

My husband and I use to be very avid campers. For our wedding, we registered at REI. Many of my favorite memories of our relationship involve camping trips to Vermont or Glacier or Yellowstone. Inspired by John Steinbeck’s Travels with Charlie, I insisted we leave our rain fly off the tent when we camped . . . → Read More: Gone Camping…with My Children

Mommy Necklaces: A Gush Fest

Long before I even began working with A Mother’s Boutique, I bought a Mommy Necklace for my first baby. I love that necklace, still, 3.5 years later, although my preschooler has taken ownership of it now.

As a baby, he really loved playing with it while I was nursing and I bought a color . . . → Read More: Mommy Necklaces: A Gush Fest