Breastfeeding In Public On the Today Show

On Thursday, the Today show ran a segment billed to be about breastfeeding in public. I was curious to see the show because I think the talk shows did a really respectful job addressing Alicia Silverstone’s milk bank a few months ago.

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Airport Lactation Pods

Burlington’s airport (in Vermont) recently unveiled a new lactation station–a pod-like space called a Mamava. I think this is fantastic! Not because I think mothers should be “sent” in there to nurse their babies, but because traveling moms who need to express their milk have a serious lack of options in airports.

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Nursing Moms: Still Getting Harassed

In all but 3 U.S. states, women are protected by a law allowing us to feed our babies anyplace we are legally allowed to be. And yet, nursing mothers are harassed Every. Single. Day. for trying to feed their hungry babies. And these are just the cases that make the news! For every mother . . . → Read More: Nursing Moms: Still Getting Harassed

Support From Unlikely Sources

Welcome to The Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival!

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Old Enough to Ask for It

It’s happened. My young baby is a toddler, with budding verbal language. He’s reached the stage where his nursing elicits comments about his being too old to nurse. You’ve heard them all before, I’m sure.  When he’s old enough to ask for it, he’s too old to nurse. He should be drinking cow’s milk. I . . . → Read More: Old Enough to Ask for It

Nursing in Public: Utilize Pack Mentality

Lately, I’ve been talking with a lot of new moms about getting the hang of nursing in public. I remember how challenging that was, when I had my first son. In addition to feeling totally vulnerable about everything in the world, you’re out in public with a crying, hungry baby. In my case, I . . . → Read More: Nursing in Public: Utilize Pack Mentality

Nursing Abroad

I traveled to Belize for a wedding last week. My husband and I left our older son with his grandparents, but took our baby along because he’s nursing. It seemed so obvious to us that he had to accompany us–how would he eat otherwise?? Plus he’s a really easygoing little dude, so we knew . . . → Read More: Nursing Abroad