Breastfeeding Mother Donates Milk Without Pumping!

This is a wonderful story that I came across and I thought you would all like to share in it. Could you imagine being able to donate milk to a mom in need or a milk bank without ever using a breast pump?? Well – read on – this mama did just that! And for those of you with an over-supply – it might just give you some great ideas too! Here is an excerpt from the original post.

Sarah Van Wyhe is a former elementary school teacher and a breastfeeding mama; however, breastfeeding wasn’t always so easier for this busy mom of two. After finding herself unable to breastfeed her first born after much angst, she was determined to make breastfeeding work for her second born, a boy name Logan.

A week after giving birth to Logan, a friend bought Sarah a Milkies Milk-Saver. Sarah wanted one, as she remembered when trying to breastfeed her first son that she had a strong milk let-down in the non-nursing breast. She knew she would soak through nursing pads if she didn’t have something in place to collect the milk.

“The first week home I was super engorged and was manually expressing milk to save it. It was a lot of extra work. But what I love about Milkies is that as soon as I put it on and start feeding my son, it did all the work for me. All I had to do was focus on feeding my baby while collecting extra milk on the other breast,” she says. “I’m so happy someone invented a product that makes life easy for us productive milk makers!”

What Do You Do With All that Milk?

As a stay-at-home mom, Sarah knew she didn’t have a need for all the milk she was collecting. “I’ve been collecting six to seven ounces a day with my Milkies Milk-Saver, most of which I don’t need. My pediatrician suggested I donate the excess milk to a milk bank,” says Sarah.

That is exactly what Sarah did. She contacted a milk bank that makes the collection, storing and shipping process so easy for her.

In eight weeks, Sarah says she has collected 375 ounces of breast milk – 250 ounces for donation and 150 ounces to save in her freezer. That’s 6.7 ounces per day, on average! Sarah says she did all this without pumping and by only using her Milkies Milk-Saver.

WOW! What a fantastic story! Could you imagine having all of that extra milk for when you were at work or out for a night without the baby? And to have so much extra to donate to another mother in need is just an added blessing! Do you have a Milk Saver? How much milk have you saved? Please leave a comment and share your own story. And to read the rest of Sarah’s story – please visit the original post here.

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