Breastfeeding Blog Hop: Sweet Breastfeeding Moments

It’s been unseasonably hot and humid here in Pittsburgh this month. This is made worse by our broken air conditioning system. We were meant to call about replacing it in April, but you know how these things go. So, we sit around and sweat under the ceiling fans and dunk our feet in bowls of ice water.breastfeeding blog hop logo

And still, my baby needs to nurse. His 98.6 degree body needs to smoosh up to my 98.6 degree body and we roast together stickily on the sofa. This week, I’ve been surprised by how little this actually bothers me–and I get cranky in the heat!

It’s just that he loves nursing so much, even at 12 months. He tentatively toddles over to me, looks up into my eyes, and signs for milk. How could I resist?

We latch on and he pauses to sign for milk, again and again, with both fists, as if to communicate, “I just love this so much! This is so great! Keep it coming!”

Personally, I can’t imagine guzzling hot milk on sticky days like this, but he loves it so and has the tools to communicate this to me (thank you, baby sign language!). What a sweet gift, to be able to nurse with him like this.

What are some sweet moments you’ve had breastfeeding? Leave us a comment to share your memories!

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