Breast Pumping While Sitting Back?

Pumpin' PalWe just discovered this great new item that allows you to breast pump while sitting back rather than leaning forward! How wonderful is that! If you haven’t pumped before, you might be thinking “Big deal!” – but for those of us who have been tied to a pump for any length of time, I’m sure your with me. Does your back get achy because you are leaning forward to let your milk drip into the bottle? Wouldn’t you love to lean back and relax and still be able to pump?

Well, Pumpin’ Pal has done it! And we have just discovered it!! the Super Shield Plus angled breast shield that not only allows a mom to sit back while pumping, but also reduces the chance that she will develop plugged ducts, mastitis or other complications. Check out these great items from Pumpin’ Pal today!

Have you used any of the items from Pumpin’ Pal? We’d love to hear how you like them – tell us everything – the good and the bad!!

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