Breast Milk Satisfies…

HUGE thanks go out to Elita from the Blacktating blog for finding this one!! And extra BIG kudos go out to OHIO for making such a fantastic pro-breastfeeding campaign – check it out!

If you are in Ohio, please let us know if you have seen this bill board! We think it’s fantastic!! GO OHIO!!

4 comments to Breast Milk Satisfies…

  • Isn’t it great? There is also another version with a white baby , not sure if any other races are represented.

  • Wonderful!!
    .-= Tiffany (As For My House)´s last blog ..Spring Cleaning Challenge – Nick =-.

  • DL Shackleford

    People seem outraged because of the milk slobber on the black baby’s chin. Not mentioned anywhere else is the fact that there is a white baby too. The white baby does not have the slobber all over it’s chin like it’s black counterpart – and the white baby is not place in as many spots. Why? because they are trying to reach the target market – unemployed black women who don’t take care of their kids. The slobber is on the kids mouth so the the black women who can’t read will be able to figure it out.

  • I can’t seem to find a photo of the white baby sign. And I think it is great if OH is specifically targeting moms of color to get them to breastfeed more, but I would hate to be so negative about the ad. Despite the uproar about it – I think it is beautiful! And I think it is a shame that the white baby doesn’t have milk dribbling out of his/her mouth as most breastfed babies do! — Judy

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