Best Nursing Bras for Comfort: Real Nursing Moms Share Their Favorites

Last time, we asked full-busted nursing moms to share their tried and true favorite nursing bras. Today, we’re sharing nursing moms’ favorite bras for comfort–the ones moms even wear to sleep. All of these bras can be worn during pregnancy as well as nursing because they offer flexible sizing and are designed to accommodate changes in growth. All three also have removable padding in the cups to hide nipples and nursing pads!

Read on to see what these moms love about their choices! Many of these moms were able to come in for a custom fitting and walk away with truly comfortable, supportive bras. If you’re not local, check out our Virtual Fitting option to find the bra that works best for you. 

Dynashape Seamless Nursing Bra
dynashape.jpgWe can hardly keep this nursing bra in stock. It’s a relatively new bra, but has already become a top seller. The Dynashape comes in sizes Small/Medium, and Large/XLarge instead of the traditional cup/band sizes. It fits a wide variety of sizes–Judy has fit women from a B cup all the way up to an H cup in this seamless, inexpensive bra that works during pregnancy, nursing, and moms even love to keep on wearing it once their nursing days are over.

Amanda Daigle loves her Dynashape bra because, “my skin is very sensitive to irritation and the bra is very soft, with no irritating lace or other stiff fabrics/stitching.” Amanda finds the bra to be comfortable with a nice fit and a great price.

Sara Dawida Novelly found the Dynashape worked really well, especially in the early newborn stage. She says this bra was the most comfortable and convenient of the bras she tried: “I wore it out, wore it around the house all day, and I even slept in it!”

Bella Maternity Anytime Bralet
Bella Materna Anytime Tee Shirt Bralet

Sara is also a Bella Materna fan–she said it was another choice that worked great for her in the early newborn stage. “Now,” she says, “I mostly sleep in it. It’s been great for nighttime because I’m not fumbling in the dark or in the wee hours when it’s time to nurse!”

Malina Larkin agrees that the Bella Materna is a great bra in terms of comfort, and she says she also loves wearing it around the house.

Elizabeth Brunk likes her Bella Materna because it offered growth and comfort–the set of 6 clasps in the back allows for a changing rib cage and the thick shoulder straps feel very supportive to her. Elizabeth’s son is weaning, and she says, “it accommodates my deflated chest just as well.” Elizabeth has ranged from a 38E to a 38G throughout her nursing career, and really likes the support and shape from the Bella Materna, which she wasn’t expecting from such a “pretty” bra.

Elizabeth says, “It’s the perfect nude color to wear under white shirts,” and has found the bra stands up well. She always tells other nursing moms to invest in a quality bra because, “You’ll spend the same on three to five cheap bras that wear out in a few months. Nursing bras take a beating, so you want quality!”

She also tells pregnant mamas to buy nursing bras sooner rather than later, because she felt her regular bras becoming increasingly uncomfortable. Bras like this one allow for a growing, changing body. She finds her Bella Materna so comfortable and versatile, she says, “I’ve thrown all my non-nursing bras away. Even when I’m done nursing, I will still wear my bras from A Mother’s Boutique.”

Bravado Body Silk Seamless Bra

bravado.jpgAmie Davis and Samantha Nordhal-Hutchinson (from Ontario) both love this nursing bra. Amie loved hers so much, she kept wearing it when she was done nursing  in between babies.

The bra works well for women in a variety of sizes. Amie has ranged from a 36C to a 38DD through the course of her two pregnancies and nursing experiences and this accommodates a variety of sizes using ribbing for the same sort of support you’d find from an underwire bra. Amie says it holds up to “many washes and wears.

Samantha adds that she has uneven breasts–a super common phenomenon among nursing mothers. Other nursing bras, particularly those with underwires, “dig into the armpit of my arm with the smaller breast.” Sam also has a large cup size/small band size and the bra works well for her. She says, “you can’t even tell which breast is bigger than the other” when she wears the BSS bra.

Did you find a truly comfortable nursing bra? Leave us a comment to tell us which one worked best for you!

3 comments to Best Nursing Bras for Comfort: Real Nursing Moms Share Their Favorites

  • I have the body silk seem less bra mentioned in this post. I bought it in your store when I was 30 weeks pregnant, and I still wear it all the time (my baby is 6 months old). I also bought a “seem less nursing bra” from your store and I’m in love with it!! (I’m including a link below for other readers.) I love that the band isn’t too thick and only has two hooks (instead of three). These bras are so comfortable! Thank you! I may never go back to underwire again!!

  • Hi Kelly, thanks for your feedback!! Yes, that other seamless bra (from Shaparee, QT Intimates) is another great choice. It’s amazing how comfortable these non-underwire bras can be!! ^Judy

  • esabell

    It is worth reading. This Bella Materna Anytime Tee Shirt Bralet I have used personly. very comfortable and supporting.
    You shared great guidelines, many thanks

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