Best Nursing Bras for Bigger Busts: Real Nursing Moms Share Their Favorites

We asked our loyal, buxom customers to share which nursing bras worked best for them and compiled their testimonials. Here’s a handy guide to the best nursing bras available for larger busts, according to the moms using them every day! 

Best Nursing Bras for Bigger Busts: Real Nursing Moms Share Their Favorites

Cake “Croissant” Bra
The gals at Cake concentrate on designing lingerie for maternity and nursing that’s not just functional but also beautiful. AND! The bras aren’t just beautiful for our dainty-bosomed sisters. Even the bras for large cup and band sizes are elegant.

Cake Croissant nursing bra

Jen Barbati really loves the support from the Cake Croissant bra, which other moms tell us are high quality and long-lasting. Jen feels it also looks like a regular bra.

The Cake Croissant Bra is one of our best-selling bras because, as moms like Sara Dawida Novelly pointed out, they “make me miss my old, fancy bras less” and they create a great shape, which makes them “work wonderfully under thin or even tight shirts.”

The Croissant bra offers such a smooth profile without using foam. It has a flexible underwire (which means no pressure on milk ducts so even brand new moms can use this type of bra), 6 hook-and-eye levels to accommodate ribcage expansion (or contraction) and comes in sizes ranging from 32C to 40K.

Sara said that the Cake bras are definitely an investment, but “I thought my hard-working boobs were worth it and I need the support!” Sara is such a Cake fan she also bought their White Chocolate bra, which she says reminds her of her pre-baby fancy bras.

Panache “Sophie” Bra
The elegant Sophie bra offers beauty and support, without underwires. Panache bras are known to appeal to women with a large bust, and our customers find them to be easy-to-use and beautiful. Stephanie Slogar, a Pittsburgh local, says, “I’m currently wearing my Panache, which I like for the easy clasp. I can sometimes re-fasten it with just one hand!” Anyone with a larger bosom knows that one-handed claps fastening is nearly unheard of. Stephanie also loves the look of the black lace over the nude cup.

Shauna Marlowe, another Pittsburgh mom, has a tough time choosing nursing bras but says her Sophie bra is the best she’s tried in terms of comfort.

Sophie bras range in size from 30D through 40J. Even though this bra is manufactured in the UK (which usually means different sizing) moms find they can order their US size to get a good fit. Bonus: we carry matching boy-short panties if you want to order a set!

Elomi Smoothing Bra
Moms rave about the Elomi bra, which comes in sizes ranging from 34-48 bands and DD to K cups.  Pittsburgh mom Emily Whitco wore Elomi bras before getting pregnant–she started out as a 36GG. When she learned Elomi also made nursing bras, she was elated because even though a new baby turns life upside-down, she at least had the comfort and familiarity of a tried and true bra. The nursing bra was great for her because of the support it offered and she finds it easy to put on–the bra has only 3 clasps and she can easily fasten it without spinning it around her chest first. How supportive is the Elomi bra? Emily says, “If I had to emergently jog while wearing this bra, I could do that without getting a black eye.

Brenna Boyd also really likes the shape this bra provides. She says, “I like that it is a bit thicker in the cup to hide nursing pads.”Elomi smoothing bra

She feels the bra works great for thinner shirts or t-shirts and describes it as “sturdy without stretching out, and has great shoulder straps that are thick without looking ridiculous.” Brenna points out that the bra takes some breaking in–the elastic felt a bit scratchy the first few wears, but she’s glad she invested. “I remember feeling the relief of actually having a supportive bra that lifted my heavy breasts and made me look 10lbs thinner. It was wonderful!” Brenna points out that the bra seems expensive, but “it is a priceless feeling to have the support you need. You’ll spend that on three-five cheap bras that wear out in a few months. Bras, nursing bras in particular, take a beating and you definitely need quality over quantity.” Both Emily and Brenna have been happy with how long their Elomi bras have lasted–Emily even confesses to putting hers in the dryer and it’s still looking great.

Our Elomi Smoothing bra uses a traditional underwire, so most lactation consultants advise waiting six weeks postpartum before using to avoid pressure on milk ducts while your body transitions to producing milk based on demand from your nursling.

Did you have a tried and true nursing bra for a larger bust? Leave us a comment to tell us which one you think works best for you!

10 comments to Best Nursing Bras for Bigger Busts: Real Nursing Moms Share Their Favorites

  • Laura

    This is all very well, but what about those of us who have big cup sizes but small backs? No-one seems to provide for us! Once the ribs have gone back to their pre pregnancy size and we carry on feeding, we end up stuck. I was 30G before pregnancy and now my daughter is 2 and still breastfeeds, so my size is now 28/30 H/HH and its very hard to find the right size. I have lots of friends who are in a similar boat so we end up wearing bras which are the wrong size in the band and it rides up at the back, leaving our boobs lower at the front!
    Please please think of us ladies who have small backs but big knockers! :)

  • Hi Laura, thanks for your comment. We do carry the Panache Sophie bra which comes in a 30 band and goes up to a J cup. You are correct, the selection is limited for very small bands – but there are some bras for you and we are always on the lookout for additional styles.

  • Laura

    Thanks for your reply. Yes, the Sophie Panache is the only one I have. I wish they would do it in different colours. Surely it can’t be that much more expensive to use some different colours?

  • Yes, I also wish they would make a non-lace version so that moms have a choice of a practical bra too. They do make the Sophie in a Red lace, but we don’t carry it. In my experience, red bras aren’t very popular. Panache did send out a survey to all of it’s retailers a few months ago asking for suggestions for the next nursing bra, so I am hopeful that they have something new in the works too.

  • Laura V

    Hah, Katy pointed me here, asking if the Laura above was me, or someone with the same problem I had. (Spoiler: not me.)

    I ended up getting the world’s ugliest nursing bras, from Decent Exposures. They are custom-made, expensive, and horribly ugly. They were also very comfortable, and they dealt with my 32M (that is not a typo) nursing-breasts. They were literally the only bras that could.

    I remain hopeful that the day will come that I’ll be able to have cute nursing bras, though…or at least women with similarly ridiculous bosoms will! (Panache. Counting on you. Come on.)

  • Hi Laura, thanks for your comment. I am familiar with Decent Exposures. And I have good news for you – there is another bra that comes in your size – The Cake Sorbet Nursing Bra: – and it’s even kind of pretty. And I have even better news which will be coming soon…we will SOON have a new bra with an underwire in your size that is even prettier!! Stay tuned…. ^Judy

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  • Oh I love my Panache Sophie bra! I agree with Stephanie, it’s so comfortable and it’s the only bra i’ve found that I can do up one-handed. I love it so much I have three!

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