Being A Mom Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Look Great In A Swimsuit!

Lots of moms hesitate to put on a swimsuit – especially after having more than one child. I don’t think our bodies will ever go back to their pre-baby state (at least for some of us) – but there is hope!!

You can wear a swimsuit and look great and you don’t even have to diet!!

slimdressI just discovered this great new swimsuit company called SlimPerfect. I met the owner, Casey, on twitter. I was looking for a swimsuit, but hated to buy on line because I am so difficult to fit. Well, Casey just happened to be in my neck of the woods for some other business and offered to stop by and show me her collection of swimsuits. My favorite was the Slimdress. It has athletic style shorts underneath the dress which make it super comfortable to wear around (I hate it when my thighs rub together – which is always a problem for me in swimsuits). And it is the most flattering swimsuit I have ever worn!! I am a size 10 and this slimdress looks FANTASTIC on me (if I do say so myself!). I was at a family reunion over the 4th of July and my aunt commented about my weight loss – and then added that I looked fantastic, but my slimdress made me look even better! You can’t get a better complement than that!!

I invite you all to visit SlimPerfect and be sure to tell Casey that I sent you over. And just for you – Casey has given me an exclusive coupon code for all Mommy News & Views Readers – save 15% – just use coupon “Mothers Boutique” at checkout and you will automatically get your discount.

For those of you who are breastfeeding…this suit isn’t ideal, because it can be difficult to get access to nurse, but once you are done nursing – this is a MUST HAVE for all moms!

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